PSA: Missoma's sell-out chubby hoops loved by the fashion set are officially back

When it comes to things Bella Hadid and I have in common, the list is admittedly very short. Practically non-existent. However, one thing the supermodel and I do share is a love for Missoma jewellery.

The affordable jewellery brand occupies a lot of space in our jewellery boxes. It's a go-to for timeless pieces, from chunky chains and delicately layered necklaces to sleek bangles and gemstone rings I'd happily wear on every single one of my fingers. So we don't blame the A-list for following suit.

The most recent Missoma piece to catch the eye of the likes of Bella, Sienna Miller, Simone Ashley and Iris Law is none other than the Ripple Oversized Stud Earrings. But I'm predicting the brand's newest release – an updated version of a previous design – will have them ripping those studs from their earlobes and reaching instead for the viral Chubby Hoops.

missoma chubby hoop earrings

Cast your minds back to 2021 and you may remember alllll the fashion girlies – we're talking influencers including Tamu McPherson, Ellie Delphine and Jessie Bush – were wearing the chunky, tubular, open hoop earrings. And we're not exaggerating when we say all. The earrings sold out a whopping five times (!!) when they first launched, with over 10,000 pairs sold in the first six months alone.

Fast forward to 2024 and the hoops are back, but they've undergone something of a makeover. The ultra-versatile icons are now lighter than ever and have been joined by two new sizes – a small and large size slotting in nicely with the existing mini and medium selection.

Shop Missoma's chubby hoop earrings:

And for silver jewellery lovers, all of the sizes come in a sterling silver finish (or silver plated for the large hoops) too:

Speaking of the launch, Marisa Hordern, CEO & Creative Director of Missoma, said, “We’re so excited to bring you our Chubby Hoops 2.0. They’re one of our most iconic pieces with their unrivalled versatility and now you can make a serious statement with these oversized versions; by electroforming the hoops so they are lightweight and hollow, you can enjoy wearing them all day and all night.”

Now all we need to do is decide which size to go for...

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