PSA: You Might Need To Drown Your Dragon’s Dogma 2 Pawns


If Dragon’s Dogma 2’s Dragonsplague has you down, there’s evidently a simple fix for the problem: Kill your Pawn. Your Main Pawn, anyway. You can just send your recruited Pawns back into the rift to ruin someone else’s day.

Dragonsplague is a deadly disease that spreads through Pawns and eventually kills everyone, and it’s started popping up more often as more players finish Dragon’s Dogma 2. The prevailing theory the folks at RPGSite first hit on is that, if you keep your Main Pawn from your first playthrough, they automatically start with Dragonsplague. Whatever the case, there’s a straightforward, if merciless, solution for the issue.

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Pick up your Main Pawn, throw them in deep water, and let the Brine do the rest. You can resurrect them at any Rift Stone by shelling out a few Rift Crystals, and it seems like drowned Main Pawns come back cleansed after that. There’s no chance of losing your Main Pawn for good, so it’s really just an extra little slapstick step to solve a problem before it gets out of hand.

And it can get out of hand, very quickly. Some players reported that, if left unchecked, Dragonsplague wipes out entire towns. That’s kind of a problem, since it means untold numbers of side quests get wiped out with those people. On the bright side, your PC might get to eke out a bit more performance without having to deal with the weight of so many NPCs. ( Don’t do that. Just wait for the Dragon’s Dogma 2 performance update.)

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