PSA: Khloé Kardashian just dyed her hair 'strawberry shortcake' red

When Khloé Kardashian stepped out of her domain as the blonde Kardashian-Jenner sister earlier this year, donning a cowboy copper wig for her Fabletics campaign, we were obsessed. We loved it so much that we even mused whether it could tempt her to go red IRL... and we were right.

Khloé Kardashian is now a redhead, people.

With a hue she referred to in the caption as "Strawberry Shortcake Vibes 🍓🍓", we totally get it. Similarly to the term strawberry blonde – used to describe fair shades of ginger that are basically blonde hair with red tones – this new colour leans toward a biscuity bronde but with those distinct red tones. 'Strawberry shortcake' is the perfect phrase to incorporate both the red tones and the biscuity base. We see what you guys did there!

It's a whole new take on Strawberry Girl Summer.

And we know it's the real deal this time, and not a wig, because she thanked and credited top colourist Tracey Cunningham for the hue, writing "Thank you my sweet@traceycunningham1 for giving me the prettiest strawberry red 🍓." We do know KoKo's natural hair isn't quite this long though, and open as ever, she also tagged her trusted extensionist, Priscilla Valles. These guys have killed it with the silky long layers and my God, does the colour make Khloé's green eyes pop.

Having taken the plunge with dye, it's safe to say she'll be staying red for a while and we're not mad at it.

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