PSA: Apex Legends Midseason Split Is Wiping Progress


The Apex Legends midseason split is here, and it’s doing some pretty big damage to the multiplayer game when you log in. Players are reporting their character stats and player ranks are dropping or, in the worst case, reset completely; the battle pass is unavailable; and heirlooms, cosmetics, and other items have vanished.

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“Okay, I was a level 402, Plat Rank, had pretty much all legends unlocked, many legendary skins unlocked,” one Reddit user said. After a rank match all the number-things were buffering, y'know that usual common thing on the top right corner. I restarted my game and I'm back to level 322? All the progress things I made while reaching 402 is gone? it's just my account got reverted to the state of 2 months back. I'm getting disappointed. can someone help me out?”

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The problem isn’t exclusive to PC, either. Console players are reporting major glitches as well.

“I was trying to play after the April Fool’s update got removed from br and all of my stats have reset to maybe 6-12 months ago,” another Redditer said in a separate post. “I’m down over 100 levels i’m out of a few thousand Apex Coins my ranked br has been reset and my battle pass has been reset. “I’m wondering who i need to contact about this because I can’t find any fixes, i was the #50 Bangalore on Xbox this season for kills and now it’s all gone.”

Character progress is serious in itself, as some players are saying they’ve lost months and even years of effort, but Apex Legends cosmetics aren’t exactly cheap. Skins start at around $20 or so, but the rarer heirlooms and mystic skins can set you back nearly $200.

Respawn said on Twitter that the Apex team is looking into the issue, but as of publication, they’ve yet to find the problem or recommend any fixes. Apex Legends updates often break things in the game, though not quite at this scale. The March 26, 2024, update wiped out ranked badges for a short time, for example. However, Respawn was able to restore badges and progress without any action on the player’s part.

For now, your best bet is to just sit tight and stay out of Apex Legends until Respawn resolves the situation.