Pringles ‘One Ups’ the Competition With Several New Flavors Fans Can’t Believe Are Real


Pringles seems to be having a comeback moment—and fans are not at all opposed to the renaissance of the chip that gained popularity in the 1980s-90s.

Over the past several months, the brand has introduced a myriad of new flavor and product innovations, from Cheesy Jalapeño Popper and Texas BBQ Brisket, to the very recently-debuted Pringles Mingles puffed snacks, which saw it ditching its iconic can altogether in favor of another type of packaging for the first time in 15 years.

Now, it's bringing forth yet another new lineup of flavors, which fans luckily got a peek at, thanks to food blogger Markie Devo.

In an Instagram post uploaded Monday, May 13, Markie showed off the trio: Carnitas Taco, All Dressed, and Limited Edition Minecraft Spicy TNT.

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"NO WAY did Pringles just one up Frito and give us all dressed.😮‍💨," the caption opened in disbelief.

The social media post also shared a bit more about the flavor notes of the "2 new and 1 limited flavor heading to stores," giving insight that Carnitas Taco is "bursting with the savory flavor of pork carnitas and aromatic seasonings including onion, garlic, cumin, and oregano," and All Dressed—which was previously only sold in Canada—is "bursting with tangy, sweet, and savory flavor featuring onion, garlic, vinegar and a blend of spices."

Meanwhile, Limited Edition Minecraft Spicy TNT is "crafted with a blend of spicy flavors."

It further noted that while the limited edition offering has popped up in some Target retailers, the other two additions have yet to be found on shelves, but will eventually "be sold at stores that carry the brand."

Fans swung by the comment section to express their elation for the flavors to-come.

"YASSS ALL DRESSED PRINGLES ARE GONNA BE SO GOOD," one scream-wrote, while another admitted, "Omg these all sound good. I’m such a sucker for Pringles."

"I need all of them," a third added, as a fourth joked, "It is getting out of control lol."

For fans craving more from the brand, the new line of puffed Pringles treats is being offered in three different variations, each one offering a tasty combination of two great flavors: Cheddar & Sour Cream, Sharp White Cheddar & Ranch, and Dill Pickle & Ranch.

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