Princess Mary's touching moment with mini-me daughter

Australia's own Danish royal Princess Mary has taken to Instagram to celebrate International Women's Day with a touching, and bold reflection after a conversation with her daughter.

The mum of four has two daughters, 13-year-old Princess Isabella and 10-year-old Princess Josephine.

Princess Mary and Prince Frederick with Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent. Photo: Getty images
Princess Mary and Prince Frederick are parents to Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent. Photo: Getty images

This year, it was her lookalike youngest daughter, Josephine, who got her thinking about the meaning of International Women's Day, after she spotted headlines about the day of recognition in the newspaper and asked her mum to explain.

Taking to Instagram, Mary relayed the conversation and shared a bold message with both her Danish subjects and her 494,000 social media followers.

Sharing a lengthy caption alongside an adorable portrait with Josephine, she wrote that after talking with her daughter she realised that International Women's Day meant something very different to other little girls across the globe.

princess Mary daughter Princess Josephine International Women's Day
Mary was pictured with her youngest daughter to mark the special day. Photo: Instagram/detdanskekongehus

"At breakfast this morning, my youngest daughter Josephine spotted a headline saying it was [International Women's Day]," Mary captioned the post, which has been translated from Danish.

"She asked, "What kind of day is this?"

"I thought briefly about my answer and said that for her it is a day where she must believe and trust that she can come into being and do everything she dreams of without anyone or anything stopping her… .. because she's a girl.

"She did not ask any further questions, so maybe my answer was no surprise to her."


Mary continued that Josephine's acceptance that she could do anything because she was a girl made her realise that not every little girl her daughter's age is lucky enough to have that message so deeply ingrained.

"Maybe it's something she takes for granted. But that's not the case for many other girls around the world. And [International Women's Day] has different meanings depending on where in the world you live.," she wrote.

"But no matter where you live, it is an important day where we not only talk about how far we have come, but also about where we have come from and where we want to go...

"For me, equality is not about everyone being equal, but - as I said to Josephine - about gender not having a role to play when opportunities present themselves and decisions are made… or when following one's dreams."

The stirring message attracted plenty of attention, with thousands liking the photo and hundreds commenting their admiration for the loving mum.

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