Princess Diana's Last Meal Was A Breakfast Classic

Princess Diana in car
Princess Diana in car - mark reinstein/Shutterstock

August 31 is a day marked forever in mourning — the day that, to the world's collective sorrow, Princess Diana died in a car accident inside the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris. Her final day was spent with her partner, Dodi Al-Fayed. The two had spent 10 days together on board a yacht in the French Riviera. Grown tired of the constant presence of the paparazzi, Diana and Al-Fayed decided to end their trip early. After flying in from Sardinia, the couple planned to get dinner and drive the half hour to the Duke of Windsor's former mansion to sleep. In the morning, they'd return to England. Only, they never did.

Around midnight, after having dinner together at L'Espadon — a restaurant inside of the Ritz hotel where the two were staying — Princess Diana would climb into a black Mercedes S600, without the slightest clue that'd be the last meal she'd ever have. Though there's no way of knowing what Diana would have asked for if she'd known, what she ordered for dinner that fateful night was a breakfast classic: An omelet with mushrooms and asparagus. With it, she ordered the iconic French entree, Dover sole, and a serving of vegetable tempura.

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Princess Diana's Favorite Foods

Princess Diana sitting at table
Princess Diana sitting at table - Tim Graham/Getty Images

One of the perks of being royalty is having the luxury of a private Chef preparing your meals day and night. While there's been no mention of whether or not breakfast for dinner was a common occurrence inside the palace, Princess Diana's eating habits were documented — for better or for worse. In so, there's credible evidence for one to base what the Princess might have ordered if she'd known that the dinner she enjoyed that late August evening would be her last.

Some of Princess Diana's favorite foods included bread and butter pudding, baked beans for breakfast, eggs Suzette, herby and garlicky rainbow trout, lychees, stuffed eggplant and peppers, poached chicken, and minted lamb. If any of those options were on the menu at L'Espadon that night, who knows what her order would have been? But, then again, who knows if she would've chosen to eat there at all.

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