Princess Diana removed from Harry and Meghan's website

After their exit from the royal family was made official, Harry and Meghan have made some changes to their charity website, including the surprising removal of a tribute to Princess Diana.

The Archewell website now features a photo of the Harry and Meghan volunteering in Los Angeles, which has replaced an imaged of Prince Harry sitting on top of his mother's shoulders, taken in 1986 at Highgrove House.

Prince Harry The Duke of Sussex and Meghan The Duchess of Sussex visit Cape Town, South Africa.
Harry and Meghan have made some changes to their website. Photo: AP

The website was launched in October, 2020, but it wasn't fully unveiled until January 2020, when it included the original image alongside the words: "I am my mother's son. And I am our son's mother. Together we bring you Archewell".

Another photo which was part of the original website design was one of Meghan as a child with her mother, Doria Ragland.

Both those photos have now been updated.

Archewell website new photo
New photos of Harry and Meghan in LA are now on the site. Photo: Archewell

The new photo was taken when Harry and Meghan helped out at local charity Baby2Baby’s ‘drive-thru’ event to help distribute much-needed back-to-school supplies to deserving kids and their families who are living in poverty.

The couple established ties with Baby2Baby in 2019 before the birth of their son, Archie, when they requested well-wishers to donate to various charities including Baby2Baby in lieu of gifts.

ANDiana Princess Of Wales
Princess Diana originally featured on the Archewell website. Photo: Getty

The website updates come after Prince Harry surprised royal fans with with an interview with James Cordon.

The Duke of Sussex was filmed rapping and having a great old time with the host of The Late Late Show in the video which was released on Friday.

Though royal experts slammed the clip as "unhelpful" as it was releases was just hours after the Queen shared a video about the Covid vaccine.

During the interview with James Corden, Harry opened up about life with wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie, as well as their decision to quit life as working royals.

The Duke said the pressure of being in London was "destroying my mental health" and said Britain's media is "toxic".

Speaking of the couple's decision, he said, "It was never walking away. It was stepping back rather than stepping down. It was a really difficult environment, which I think a lot of people saw. So I did what any father or husband would do and thought: 'How do I get my family out of there'. But we never walked away."

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