Prince Harry rescues four metre crocodile stuck in a trap

Just when we thought we couldn't love Prince Harry any more, he's only gone and released a distressed crocodile from a trap.

The 31-year-old royal, who is currently in Malawi to help relocate elephants under threat from poachers, helped to bring the injured croc into shore and remove a metal hook from it's mouth, getting stuck in with the rest of the team.

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The Prince, along with the team, went up to the croc in a boat and pulled him to shore by tying arope around it's mouth.

Prince Harry has released a crocodile stuck in a trap.
Prince Harry has released a crocodile stuck in a trap.

Then two members of the team sat on the croc and released the hook from it's mouth by sawing off the chain.

All the men on the team seemed to be very impressed with Harry, who shunned luxurious Mvuu Safari Lodge nearby in favour of camping out with the team.

An onlooker told The Sun: “It was a massive croc and really p***ed off as it was in pain.

“Harry got completely involved in the action despite it being very dangerous.

Prince Harry helps out.
Prince Harry helps out.

“The man has balls! The whole time you’re thinking how you could get bitten as the croc was not tranquillised and he could seriously hurt you at any stage."

Harry repeatedly told the camp that he didn't want to be called a Prince for the trip and sat around the fire with the vets and helicopter pilots who were moving 20 elephants a day.

Park operations manager Lawrence Munro told The Sun: “Harry was very uncomplicated.

“He stipulated from the beginning that he wanted to live with the guys and eat with the guys & have no special treatment."

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