Could this be a sign the Queen is preparing to abdicate?

Olivia Morris

The Queen has watched from afar for the first time during her 65-year reign as monarch at this year's Remembrance Day ceremony in London.

While she was in attendance at the ceremony on Sunday, Queen Elizabeth II took a back seat watching from a balcony as Prince Charles took centre stage.

The Queen has only ever missed a total of six wreath-laying ceremonies.

The Queen delegated her wreath-laying duties to Prince Charles at the Remembrance Day ceremony this year while she watched from a balcony. Source: Getty
Prince Charles laid the wreath this year. Source: Getty

Four due to being overseas on foreign visits and two due to the impending births of sons Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

So, could this be a sign the Queen may be preparing to abdicate?

Her Majesty, 91, has slowly been cutting back on her duties and delegating more of her workload to the younger royals.

The Queen watched the ceremony from a balcony this year with Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cornwall. Source: Getty

Prince Philip, 96, officially retired from public life earlier this year.

A source told the Daily Star UK when she turns 95, the Queen is to "request for Charles to become King all but in name".

The publication reports this means Charles could be set to become Prince Regent.

The Duke of Edinburgh retired from public life earlier this year. Source: Getty

The Queen would still officially be head of state, it would be just mean the monarch would be taking a huge step back from public life.

"We have absolutely no comment," a Buckingham Palace representative said when the outlet contacted them for a statement.

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