New Powerade Flavors Bring Fans 'Back to the '90s'

Person drinking Powerade.

Powerade is innovating the electrolyte drink market just in time for you to enjoy the heat of summer.

The sports beverage brand revealed it has been working on a set of new flavors, and it's something that consumers probably never saw coming.

Dubbed "Sourade" by fans, the trio of new releases takes the traditional Powerade product and turns it into something that'll make your lips pucker with the three new sour flavors it added to its lineup: Blue Razz, Watermelon Lime, and Green Apple.

The new flavors can be found in-store and online beginning Tuesday, May 7, for a limited time, per a statement shared with Parade.

Powerade Sour now available in three flavors: Blue Razz, Green Apple and Watermelon Lime.<p>Powerade</p>
Powerade Sour now available in three flavors: Blue Razz, Green Apple and Watermelon Lime.


The company seemingly saw what Sprite did with its "coolest" soda ever–which utilizes cooling agents for the ultimate chilling effect–and applied the idea of a tantalizing experience for tastebuds in its own unique way.

Social media's response to its innovation has been overwhelmingly positive with a hint of nostalgia, at least according to comments under foodie influencer Snackolater's post teasing the release.

"i feel like i’m back in the 90s," one Instagram user wrote, presumably referencing the peak of processed innovation with truly one-of-a-kind offers like the carbonated All Sport, Clearly Canadian sparkling water, colored ketchup, Crystal Pepsi and Pizza Hut's Bigfoot Pizza.

"Bruhhhhhh this bout to be fireeeee," another shared.

Then there were comments from those lucky enough to grab it at the store already, with one admitting, "Tried them at my Meijer! Blue is the best."

"Seen them at my dollar tree and picked all 3 up," a second added.

These new options join two other innovative Powerade flavors–Island Burst and Strawberry Smash Zero–which the popular sports drink brand announced this past February, following its all-new formula and revamped packaging.

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