Popular Naked Juice Drinks, Ranked Worst To Best

assorted Naked Juice drinks
assorted Naked Juice drinks - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

Naked Juice is one of the most easily recognizable beverage brands on the market. Its rectangular bottles come in a variety of flavors made with an array of fruity concoctions and medleys. While you'll find classic options like strawberry banana and the popular Green Machine, you'll also find myriad beverages that cater to different needs, including high-protein smoothies and lower-sugar options — all of which are made to satisfy the craving for something refreshing and nourishing on a hot day.

These juices are a great option for folks who are looking to get a hefty dose of fruit (and sometimes vegetables) in before noon. But, some of these flavors could also make excellent additions to a mimosa or early-afternoon spritzer. I sampled some of Naked's most popular juices, smoothies, and beverages, and ranked them on several factors — including how well the actual taste corresponded to the label, the texture of the beverage, and its overall drinkability. I wanted a juice that was refreshing, and something that could be enjoyed throughout the day.

Some recommendations are based on firsthand impressions of promotional materials and products provided by the manufacturer.

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11. Tropical Protein Smoothie

tropical protein smoothie in glass
tropical protein smoothie in glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

Craving a piña colada after an intense workout? Then this Tropical protein smoothie from Naked might be for you. It's made with an assortment of different juices — including apple, banana, and orange — and flavored with just a slight bit of coconut and pineapple. Anyone who has worked with these ingredients in the kitchen before knows that pineapple and coconut can get quite assertive, so I was glad that Naked toned this tropical beverage down with less-intrusive ingredients like banana.

The aroma of this bottle was like cream of coconut, but you really have to take a strong whiff to find it. The first thing that hit me when I sampled this variety was the chalky protein powder, which was reminiscent of the experience of chewing on Smarties candy.

The actual flavor of the smoothie was yogurt-like, with hints of coconut and what might have been pineapple — but the texture was too distracting to get a good read on it. I was left reaching for water to help wash away that lingering coconut undertone from my palate. Overall, the texture of this beverage and its synthetic-tasting flavors immediately pushed it down to the far bottom of my list.

10. Green Machine Boosted Smoothie

Green Machine juice in glass
Green Machine juice in glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

The color of the Green Machine is off-putting; it's more reminiscent of something you'd find on the forest floor than something made for drinking. Its thick texture and mossy color was a source of revulsion for me, but I forged on and gave it a try.

I immediately noticed that the odor of this beverage was more leaning toward banana and mango, and I later found out that these were the predominant tasting notes, too. The flavor of this beverage was certainly sweeter than the lower-sugar Glorious Greens drink, which may be because its primary ingredient is apple juice.

The other big difference between the two was the veggie-forward flavor of Green Machine, which stuck to the outside of my teeth. I don't think this drink needs the extra sweetness, since it seems to draw more attention to the grassy undertones beneath. At this point, you're better off just eating your veggies.

9. Double Berry Protein Smoothie

Double Berry protein drink
Double Berry protein drink - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

I warily eyed this bottle of the Double Berry protein smoothie from Naked. Protein smoothies, particularly those loaded with soy protein, can come out mealy and like a thick slurry — as was the case with the Tropical protein smoothie. I've had enough of them over my lifetime that I won't pay them any attention at the grocery store. Add on berries, which can lean medicinal, and you have yourself a recipe for disaster.

After the first sip, I immediately thought that this beverage wasn't as bad as I expected. The traditional slurry of berry flavor is there, including strawberry puree and blueberry puree, along with an apple juice base and banana thrown in there for kicks. Like the other protein shakes I sampled, I noticed that the thick, cornstarch-like mouthfeel of the soy protein washed over my tongue and teeth, resulting in a film that stayed there long after I put down the bottle.

This is not a beverage you're going to want to grab from the cooler if you like a light, easy-to-drink juice. But, if you want to get your protein and some extra fruit for the day, it's not as bad of an option as Naked's Tropical protein shake, which earned the Double Berry a higher spot in this ranking.

8. Glorious Greens Lower Sugar

Naked lower-sugar Glorious Greens
Naked lower-sugar Glorious Greens - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

The lower-sugar Glorious Greens smoothie wasn't nearly the same color as the classic Green Machine. It was much lighter and less mossy, and it had an aroma that more resembled pears and fruity elements, rather than something darker and more vegetal. With the first sip, I immediately detected the kiwi and the grape juice that were promised on the label — but other than that, I was a bit lost.

When I looked at the label, I noticed that the base of the beverage was mostly made from water and white grape juice, along with some banana puree and orange pulp. The latter flavors didn't poke through, and I couldn't detect them as I sipped. What was even more puzzling was how Naked included wheatgrass, ginger root, kale, garlic, and broccoli in this beverage without any sort of hiccups or indication that they were in there — other than the suggestive color of the beverage, of course. I can only ponder that these ingredients were in such small concentrations that they flew under the radar.

If I had to drink a green smoothie from Naked, I would prefer this one over the Green Machine. But, it still doesn't hold a candle to Naked's other selections, which offer a more pleasant drinking experience and more cohesive flavor notes.

7. Berrylicious Lower Sugar

Berrylicious smoothie in glass
Berrylicious smoothie in glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

I had a decent experience with the lower-sugar Glorious Greens smoothie from Naked, so I was excited to try another lower-sugar offering — just without the questionable inclusions of garlic and wheatgrass. The Berrylicious smoothie is made with different berries, just like the Double Berry protein smoothie, including blueberry and strawberry. Without the starchy overtones of the protein powder, I knew in my heart that this beverage would already be leaps and bounds better than its difficult-to-drink cousin.

The flavor in this smoothie read as grape and strawberry, and I couldn't detect any of the other types of fruit inside this beverage. I also noticed that this drink had a tea-like flavor to it, which I couldn't exactly pinpoint back to its source. The biggest issue I had was that this drink's mouthfeel was very thin, and leaned more towards being a juice rather than a smoothie. It wouldn't be bad if you cut it with seltzer for a quick alcohol-free beverage, but it wouldn't be my top pick to drink on its own.

6. Tropical Sunrise Lower Sugar

Naked tropical smoothie and glass
Naked tropical smoothie and glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

The name "Tropical Sunrise" evokes the vision of sitting beside a beach, watching the waves come in, as you leisurely sip on something cool and refreshing. But, does this fanciful notion actually include a bottle of Naked's lower-sugar Tropical Sunrise in your hand? After this review, I can assure you that many beverages are better suited for your oceanfront reverie.

This drink tastes incredibly watered down, but it does deliver on the promise of tropical juices. There's some balance between the mango, the pineapple, and the banana, which is a tricky combination to pull off, considering that mango often dominates whatever it's paired with. Like the other lower-sugar selections, this beverage doesn't linger very long on the palate, and lacks the thickness necessary to be considered a true smoothie.

The primary reason why this beverage ranked in the middle of my list is because its flavor is rather lackluster and muddled. Maybe if Naked used less white grape juice, it would have had more of a fighting chance. But, its slightly better thickness and balance places it a tiny bit above the Berrylicious smoothie.

5. Strawberry Banana Fruit Smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie bottle
strawberry banana smoothie bottle - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

Strawberry banana is one of my favorite refreshing smoothie recipes to make at home. I can stockpile all the frozen fruit that I need, add a splash of almond milk, and go from there — and the taste is consistent and reliable every step of the way. So if Naked's Strawberry Banana smoothie serves as a more convenient alternative, then I would consider buying it when my fridge is running bare.

This was the only beverage that I sampled from the brand that actually had a strong banana flavor to it. The banana complemented the strawberries well, and made for a beverage that poured out of the bottle in a thick torrent. However, when I was sipping on this drink, I genuinely missed the fresh strawberry flavor that makes this smoothie so iconic in the first place. I was met with dull berry notes that made this beverage monotonous. After a few sips, I got bored.

I wish this beverage had a bit more body to it, and some freshness. It wasn't as fresh, bright, and popping as some of Naked's Machine beverages, and it didn't have nearly the same profound flavor as my top pick. But, it still wasn't awful to drink, which earned it a place in the middle of the pack.

4. Rainbow Machine Boosted Smoothie

Rainbow Machine bottle and glass
Rainbow Machine bottle and glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

The Rainbow Machine Naked Juice drink came in one of the most blueberry-like shades of color I've ever seen. Like the Mighty Mango smoothie, the Rainbow Machine has an interesting enough color to make you wonder what's inside of it, while still intriguing you enough to take a sip. After reading the label, I presumed that the color came from beet juice, as well as the purple-colored fruits.

Its initial odor was muddled and confused, but I felt that I could draw out pomegranate, kiwi, and something fruity that had been sitting out on the counter for far too long. The taste itself was brimming with citrusy notes that livened up my taste buds and encouraged me to keep drinking it, which was not something I had experienced with other selections in the Naked lineup. The flavor balanced the array of other fruits, which included apple juice, mango, and the aforementioned blueberry and kiwi. This flavor truly tasted like rainbows in a bottle, but it wasn't as satisfying to sip as my top contenders in this juicy pursuit.

3. Piña Colada Fruit Smoothie

piña colada beverage in glass
piña colada beverage in glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

I know you're already singing the song about getting caught in the rain with one of these drinks in hand. The piña colada beverage from Naked marries a tropical medley of pineapple, coconut, banana, and weirdly enough, apple juice, to make for a harmonious beverage. Since I had already tried the lower-sugar Tropical Sunrise drink and the less-than-pleasant Tropical protein smoothie, I was excited to see what else Naked has in store for its summer-inspired selection.

The aroma immediately hit as a soft, easy blend of pineapple and coconut. On smell alone, the two worked well together, and made me excited to see how this beverage would compare to the famed cocktail. And even as someone who genuinely doesn't like coconut or pineapple, I still found a way to enjoy this beverage. The flavor just meshed together, but I couldn't really taste any of the banana promised on the label. The flavor itself was sweet, juicy, and perfectly citrusy.

This beverage slides into one of the top spots for its delivery of tropical flavors in a medley that was not sickeningly sweet. I would have liked to see a greater expression of the banana, as well as a thicker beverage overall. But, if you poured in a splash of Bacardi Gold — the rum brand used in the original piña colada recipe — I'm sure your instant cocktail would be perfectly fine with this Naked product.

2. Blue Machine Boosted Smoothie

Blue Machine in glass
Blue Machine in glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

The Blue Machine beverage was quite similar to the Rainbow Machine drink, but it had a slightly more pale purple color. Once I took a sniff of this bottle, it was easy to discern why the Blue Machine was a misleading shade; it's made with a ton of blueberries (which are more purple than they are blue). The blueberry aroma was almost overpowering and bordered on artificial, so I was interested to see how this flavor would translate into the beverage.

If you could isolate blueberry flavor and liquify it into a cup, it would be this smoothie. But, the flavor remained very natural and fresh, rather than veering into extract territory. The Blue Machine scored several points above the Rainbow Machine because it had a thicker mouthfeel that coated my tongue in blueberry bliss.

The reason why Blue Machine didn't take the top spot in this tight race is because blueberry was the only real detectable flavor. The label lists several other fruits — like blackberries, banana, and apples — but the blueberry was easily able to subdue and hide these other flavors. I think if Naked switched this label to say just "blueberry" rather than present a mix of other fruits, it would hold true.

1. Mighty Mango Fruit Smoothie

Mighty Mango smoothie in glass
Mighty Mango smoothie in glass - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

Naked did something right with its Mighty Mango beverage. As its name suggests, mango takes a dominant role in both the color and flavor of this smoothie. If you served this drink in a glass, you may guess it was made with carrot juice based on its color alone. It's not as foreboding as the Green Machine, but invites you to try just a little taste. And based on my assessment, you'll be glad you did.

This was the only Naked beverage I tried where the smoothie mouthfeel was truly welcomed and embraced. It was thick and unctuous, yet still had a juicy vibrancy to it. Beside the mango, you could decipher notes of apple, which helped round out its consistency.

Moreover, Naked impressed me with the pleasant aftertaste of this beverage, which didn't stick to my teeth as much as the Green Machine, but was still more memorable than the lower-sugar drinks. I could easily see using this beverage as a home bar mixer, or drinking it straight from the bottle again and again.


green juices in glasses
green juices in glasses - Sara Klimek/Tasting Table

I ranked each of the Naked Juice beverages on several factors, including texture, flavor, and overall drinkability. I looked for beverages that had a strong flavor that accurately reflected their labels. So, if the beverage was promising mango or banana, I wanted to taste mango or banana in the drink. I also aimed for a beverage that had a smooth, easy-to-drink mouthfeel, without any unpleasant consistencies. While a lingering aftertaste was expected for most of these beverages, I wanted the predominant flavor to be fruity and bright, rather than muddled.

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