Popeyes Celebrates Valentine's Day With A Strawberry Twist On Beloved Biscuits

Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits
Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits - Popeyes

It's February, so that means love is in the air. This year, things are looking particularly lovey-dovey for Popeyes fans. According to information shared with Mashed, the chicken-centric restaurant chain's Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits are returning for the season of love — but they'll only be around for a limited time, so if you want to try them, you'll have to get them while you can.

Popeyes' biscuits are famously delicious thanks to their soft, flaky texture and buttery taste. The Valentine's Day variety features those same elements, plus strawberry bits throughout and a drizzle of icing to achieve that classic salty-sweet combination. And, of course, they're heart-shaped, so you can celebrate the holiday in style while you snack.

The heart-shaped twist on Popeyes' classic biscuits was first offered in honor of National Buttermilk Biscuit Day in 2019. The strawberry-packed, icing-covered version was unveiled for Valentine's Day in 2023. For the biscuits' 2024 return, they'll be available starting on February 5, and you can purchase them through February 25.

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Popeyes Wants To Use Its Heart-Shaped Biscuits To Give Back

Person holding Popeyes Strawberry Biscuit
Person holding Popeyes Strawberry Biscuit - Popeyes

Practically everyone loves a dessert-y twist on a favorite fast food item, but the return of Popeyes' Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits is about more than just self-love. According to Popeyes, it's also about giving back. The chain's prices vary depending on location, but the starting cost for each Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuit will be $1.79, and $1 from each biscuit will be donated to the Popeyes Foundation's "Serving With Love" initiative.

This initiative, which launched in 2023, ensures that funds given to the Popeyes Foundation are donated to communities experiencing food insecurity and limited food access. This means that donations go to anything from after-school meals for children to food support during natural disasters to local food banks. So, whether or not you tried the Heart-Shaped Strawberry Biscuits last year, you might want to add this festive treat to your meal the next time you're ordering from Popeyes.

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