A Poll Asked Men About Things They Are Uncomfortable Doing, And No Offense, But Men Are Definitely Not Okay

A new poll by YouGov is starting to go viral about things that make men uncomfortable.

Five serious men in suits standing in a triangle formation
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The results are, well, kind of sad!

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48% of men say they are uncomfortable crying in front of their male friends.

One man wiping the tears of another in a theater
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45% of men said they feel uncomfortable saying "I love you" to a male relative.

A man saying "I love you" in sign language
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31% said they are uncomfortable wearing the color pink.

An older man wearing a pink dress shirt as he leans against a railing
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And gosh darnit, 42% say they are uncomfortable putting sunscreen on a male friend's back!

A man putting sunscreen on another man's back as they sit on the beach
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Skin damage doesn't see gender, people!


Here's the full poll, so you can see for yourself:


The response to the poll is as expected.

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From "Men need to grow up"...

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...to "Weep for the 26% of men who won't allow themselves the cutest form of joy there is: receiving flowers."

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It's just sad!!

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I guess this is why they keep on making Queer Eye.