Polish Egg Salad Puts The Spotlight On Cream Cheese

bowl of egg salad
bowl of egg salad - Azurita/Getty

If your aversion to mayonnaise makes you steer clear of egg salad, or you're an avid fan looking for a new twist on your favorite side dish, there's an alternative that you need on your radar: Polish egg salad. Even if you haven't heard of it before, you probably won't be surprised to find out that this dish is popular in Poland. Polish egg salad isn't too different than the egg salad you're likely used to, but there's one simple distinction. Egg salad is typically a pretty mayo-heavy dish, but in Polish egg salad, the mayonnaise is swapped out for cream cheese.

It's easy to imagine how replacing mayo with cream cheese might change egg salad. This version of the dish is a bit heavier and plenty creamier. Still, the cream cheese-y texture of Polish egg salad makes it ideal for a sandwich or on top of toast or bagels. In addition to the usual egg salad staples, there are plenty of ingredients that are commonly added to Polish egg salad for a little extra twist. This includes chives, onions, chopped pickles, parsley, dill, and even meats like ham or bacon. It's also common for more vegetables to be mixed in — carrots, potatoes, peas, and even apples — borrowing some DNA from the also popular Polish vegetable salad.

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Whipping Up Your Own Batch Is Simple

Person mixing bowl of egg salad
Person mixing bowl of egg salad - Serenethos/Getty Images

There are plenty of ways to make egg salad, and Polish egg salad is one of the best options if you're looking for a recipe for a recipe without mayo. Of course, it may not be as easy to find pre-made and packaged at the store as other egg salads may be. But with ingredients like this, fresh is always best anyway, and luckily, Polish egg salad is very simple to whip up.

Per Allrecipes, start by combining 8 ounces of softened cream cheese in a bowl with about 1 tablespoon of softened butter. Mix the butter and cream cheese together with a fork, and feel free to add more butter if the ingredients feel too thick or a more butter-y taste is your personal preference. Once they're combined, add 4 chopped-up hard-boiled eggs and 1 finely chopped onion. Mix it all together and finish with salt, pepper, and parsley.

Believe it or not, preparing Polish egg salad really is that easy. Feel free to mix in any extras and experiment with other ingredients, too. Not only is this a great side dish and sandwich filling, but it's also high in protein — and of course, extra delicious.

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