Pokémon partners with Netflix to launch stop-motion series 'Pokémon Concierge'

The Pokémon Company is collaborating with Netflix to launch a new stop-motion animated series called "Pokémon Concierge."

The series follows a concierge at the Pokémon Resort, where Pokémon visit as guests.

"We have a group of experts here in Japan who are passionate about finding and developing original stories from Japan that can excite audiences all over the world," said Netflix vice president of Asia Pacific content Minyoung Kim. "With this title, we're excited to marry an entirely new storyline that expands the Pokémon universe with groundbreaking stop-motion animation."

This news was announced in the Pokémon Company's annual Pokémon Day livestream on Monday. The date, marking the release of the first Pokémon games in Japan in 1996, now serves as an opportunity for the mega-franchise to share what fans can look forward to over the next year.

"Pokémon Concierge" is produced in collaboration with Dwarf Animation Studio. In the brief preview, fans saw a Psyduck waddling along a beach -- a Japanese-language voiceover explains that Pokémon are the guests at this resort. Though we didn't see any other Pokémon, a hyperrealistic, 3D Pikachu sat beside Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara as he opened the stream. Some fans thought this was a nod to an announcement about another "Detective Pikachu" movie, but it seems more likely that this was connected to the Netflix news.

The Pokémon Company and Netflix did not share details about when the series will premiere. Currently, Netflix viewers can watch the longtime Pokémon anime series.