You Can Play The Pokemon-like Cassette Beasts In Multiplayer Soon


Bytten and Raw Fury held the much-hyped 2024 Cassette Beasts update showcase, and top on the list of new features for the monster-raising game is multiplayer functionality. A free new update planned for May 20, 2024, will add Cassette Beasts multiplayer on all platforms, and it does more than just let you battle together.

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After the update goes live, you can play Cassette Beasts with up to eight friends and see them running around on their little pixel legs in their worlds. A “Play With Friends” option gives you invite codes that let you quickly match with anyone on your friends list, and you can tackle two-player co-op raids called Rogue Fusions together.

There’s also regular PvP, where you and friends or random strangers can mix it up with each other.

Steam players keen to check out Cassette Beasts’ multiplayer features before the May 2024 update can opt into the feature’s beta on that platform and test it.

Elsewhere in the showcase, Bytten announced a Cassette Beasts crossover with Moonstone Island, Raw Fury’s popular farm-sim-slash-monster-collector, that also begins on May 20, 2024. Beasts players get Moonstone Island-themed costumes, and Moonstone players get a Cassette Beasts Pombomb in their spirit roster.

Raw Fury also said Cassette Beasts will launch on mobile devices “soon,” though the publisher didn’t clarify when soon might be.

Cassette Beasts was one of our favorite indie games in 2023 and one of the few (many) Pokemon-likes that really understands what makes the genre so fun. It frequently goes on sale, so if you’re looking for a deal, keep an eye on Steam, Xbox, or the Switch eShop to snag it at a discount.

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