How to Organize Your Weekly Schedule Using Astrology

Planetary Days of the Week

Have you ever noticed your energy fluctuates depending on the day? You might feel down on Monday, but you're ready for happy hour by Thursday afternoon. Or maybe you and your sweetheart always plan date nights for Friday. It may seem like the vibe of each day is chosen at random. However, there are cosmic patterns at play that could be the cause. In astrology, each day of the week is ruled by a specific planet or heavenly body that carries a unique energy. These are known as the planetary days of the week. By understanding the unique qualities of each planet and the days they correspond with, you can unlock a powerful tool to live your best life.

The Planet That Rules Each Day of the Week

To understand how the stars affect your schedule, you'll want to learn the meanings of the planets in astrology. Each day of the week is ruled by a different planet or luminary (aka the sun or the moon), which sets the tone for the day. Astrology can help unlock limitless potential for growth and self-discovery in your daily life. Keep reading to learn how the planetary days of the week can be used to optimize your life.

Sunday Is Ruled by the Sun

Sunday is ruled by the sun, the luminary that governs self-expression, vitality, and ego. The sun brings warmth and brightness to the day, renewing and refreshing your energy. While Saturday is all about responsibility – Sunday is about enjoying yourself. On Sundays, you should focus on the activities that help you relax and feel at ease. This is a great time to get outside and spend time in nature. Additionally, Sunday is a perfect day to spend time at home with your pets, partners, and loved ones. Sunday is the last day of the weekend before the cycle starts anew. Spend your leisure time doing things that fill your heart.

Best activities to do on Sunday:

➤ Take your dog to the park for an early morning walk

➤ Grab brunch at a new restaurant with friends

➤ Spend the afternoon reading your favorite book

➤ Do some gardening or spend time in the yard

➤ Go for a Sunday drive and listen to music

Monday Is Ruled by the Moon

If you feel low energy or lost in a haze at the start of the week, you can blame it on the stars. Monday is ruled by the moon, the luminary that governs emotions and intuition. The moon can bring heavy or moody energy to the day, leaving you feeling drained. But that doesn't mean you have to waste the day away. On Mondays, you may feel sluggish or tired –so focus on accomplishing the bare minimum needed for a successful week. This is an excellent day for easing into your responsibilities. Once you've finished up for the day, choose a cozy activity to restore your energy. Every Monday will feel different, so check in with your body and honor your needs as they change.

Best activities to do on Monday:

➤ Prioritize rest, relaxation, and quiet time at home

➤ Open the windows and get some fresh air

➤ Focus on meditation and mindfulness practices

➤ Journal, reflect on your emotions, and do self-care

➤ Engage in light exercise (walking, yoga, stretching)

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Tuesday Is Ruled by Mars

The week really starts to pick up on Tuesday, which is ruled by Mars. In astrology, Mars is the planet of action, vitality, and drive. Mars is the energy that determines your motivation and confidence, as well as what you’re passionate about. On Tuesdays, you can expect to feel energized and focused on getting stuff done. This is a perfect day to tackle the most demanding tasks on your to-do list, get started on new projects, and get moving! If you want to try something new or change your routine, Tuesday is when you'll want to take the first step.

Best activities to do on Tuesday:

➤ Wake up with the sun and sneak in a morning workout

➤ Knock out as many tasks as you can at work and at home

➤ Take the initiative on new projects that feed your passion

➤ Avoid picking necessary fights or engaging in drama

➤ Do something that scares you just a little

Wednesday Is Ruled by Mercury

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet of communication, curiosity, and creativity. Mercury is associated with practical matters and encourages adaptable and clever solutions for everyday problems. On Wednesdays, your thoughts and words flow more smoothly. If there is anything you need to get done on a deadline or time crunch, Mercury Day may be the ideal time to do it. As far as your personal life goes, this is also a chance to declutter and organize your life. Wednesday is one of the most productive days of the week, so you'll want to use it to your advantage.

Best activities to do on Wednesday:

➤ Answer emails, respond to texts, and streamline communications

➤ Update your resume, apply for jobs, or schedule interviews

➤ Schedule important meetings and calls; review and sign contracts

➤ Research important topics and make long-term plans

➤ Work remotely from a coffee shop or the local library

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Thursday Is Ruled by Jupiter

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, expansion, and good fortune. Jupiter brings an optimistic and expansive energy to the day, so challenge yourself to maximize your schedule. On Thursdays, you may feel more open-minded or generous – so focus on helping others and spreading joy. This is an excellent day to schedule weekly volunteer hours, spend time with friends, or try a new community activity. And because Jupiter rules abundance, it’s also a great time for manifesting and creating vision boards for the future. Jupiter wants you to dream big and take risks!

Best activities to do on Thursday:

➤ Connect with coworkers for a creative brainstorming session

➤ Take a class at a community college, online, or in-person

➤ Volunteer your time at a local charity or nonprofit

➤ Offer a helping hand to people who want to learn

➤ Take a personal day at work and see how the day unfolds

Friday Is Ruled by Venus

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, romance, and indulgence. Venus brings a sensual and passionate energy to the day, making it an ideal time for seeking pleasure in all forms. Whether planning a first date or scheduling a beauty appointment, you’ll want to take advantage of the warm vibes of Venus Day. On Fridays, you may feel more outgoing, flirtatious, and amorous – so focus on activities that allow you to connect with others. This is also a great time to work on your creative projects or hobbies, as Venus rules aesthetics and art. Choose to do what fills your heart with joy on Fridays.

Best activities to do on Friday:

➤ Go dancing, get drinks, and enjoy a night on the town

➤ Plan a first date or take your partner out for dinner

➤ Buy tickets to a comedy club or live performance

➤ Pamper yourself with an at-home spa night

➤ Plan a board game or movie night with friends

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Saturday Is Ruled by Saturn

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, the planet of structure and discipline. And while you might be working to enjoy your weekend, adulting still needs to be done. Saturn brings a methodical and responsible energy to the day, making it a great time to catch up on your personal to-do list. On Saturdays, you may feel more motivated to wake up early, run errands, or even finish up some work around the house. This is also a great time to refresh your calendar for the week ahead, prepare your meals, and organize the week ahead.

Best activities to do on Saturday:

➤ Start the day off early and knock out the hard stuff

➤ Listen to a new productivity or motivational podcast

➤ Upgrade your morning routine and make it more productive

➤ Review, update, and organize your weekly schedule

➤ Finish all those small tasks you’ve been avoiding

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