Pizza Hut and KFC team up to create 'Popcorn Chicken Pizza'

Gillian Wolski
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Pizza Hut and KFC create 'Popcorn Chicken Pizza' in UK. Photo: Instagram/kfc_uki.

Hot on the heels of Domino’s diamond-encrusted pizza engagement ring comes another unexpected fast-food collaboration that we never knew we needed, but are rather glad exists.

The culinary whizzes at Pizza Hut and KFC have joined forces to whip up what can only be described as a true slice of heaven: a KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza.

The delectable dish combines the best of both the pizza and fried chicken worlds, featuring Pizza Hut’s Classic Crust base covered in KFC’s iconic gravy and dotted with Popcorn Chicken, mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of sweetcorn.

KFC revealed the limited-edition hybrid menu item on Monday via Facebook, writing, “Okay we did a thing. We really did a thing”.

“Pizza Hut have officially launched: The KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza. It’s got a gravy base people. It’s got a gravy base. #KFCxPizzaHut”.

Pizza Hut and KFC create 'Popcorn Chicken Pizza' in UK. Photo: Instagram/pizzahutdeliver.

The announcement left fans positively drooling.

“Omgggggggg a Pizza Hut and KFC collab?! I NEVER THOUGHT I NEEDED THIS IN MY LIFE,” wrote an excited fan.

“We never have to decide between KFC or pizza again,” said another.

“Oh my goodness! Get in our mouths!” said one.

One fan, however, was not impressed.

“I love KFC and I love Pizza Hut. But I have no desire to try this. It looks gross...” they wrote.

Sadly, Aussies will have to make the trek northwards to treat their tastebuds to the Popcorn Chicken Pizza as it’s only available in the UK.

Or, you could take the lead of a try particularly resourceful fan and have a crack at making your own.

“Buy a regular one and just hoy popcorn chicken on top. Boom you’ve saved money,” they wrote.

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