Pisces Daily Horoscope – 25 April 2024

For you Mercury retrograde this time around is taking place in your Second House Of Values. The part of your chart getting the Mercury backwards treatment is the part of your chart related to cash, property and possessions. It’s really, truly and totally time for you to be rethinking your stand on what you value. The obvious thing would be if you’ve been putting work before pleasure for way too long. We all need to work, there is no doubt about that, but if and when it becomes more important to use to make cash than to have a moment to kick back and relax, preferably with people we love, then we know it’s time to work less and take a break more often. This won’t be the case for everyone of your sign everywhere but if you know you fall into the All Work And No Play category, do something about it. Financially, there is a chance for extra mix ups now. Lost cheques, double payments and other fun and games along those lines are possible, so keep an extra eye on your bank statements and bills. The good news possible now though is that money you had either forgotten you were owed or that you’d given up on could finally arrive. And fingers crossed for finding a lazy $50 in your coat pocket – that would be a classic manifestation of this cycle for you.
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