There’s a New Pineapple in Stores That Took 15 Years To Develop

It's unlike anything you've seen.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

The summer season is nearly upon us, which means it’s time to prepare for all the fruity, tropical flavors we’re about to enjoy for the next few months. We’re talking extra-ripe strawberries, watermelon, peaches, and, of course, pineapple savored fresh or in our go-to recipes.

This season is extra special because not only do we have some returning fruit favorites—like the jarred pineapple spears in coconut water at Sam’s Club—but we’re also seeing some brand-new fruit varieties hit shelves for the first time.

Just last month, we learned about a new tiny variety of pineapples, called Precious Honeyglow, that are ideal for single-person households or people who might not want to eat a whole, regular-sized pineapple on their own. The adorable two-pound pineapple hit shelves as a Melissa’s Produce exclusive in April, and just a few short weeks later, its producer, Fresh Del Monte, has announced another new pineapple will be joining the party.

What Are Rubyglow Pineapples?

<p>Del Monte</p>

Del Monte

After the success of its Pinkglow pineapple, Fresh Del Monte is introducing an all-new Rubyglow pineapple to market. As the name suggests, the new pineapple will have a red outer shell but will still feature the traditional yellow pineapple flesh—unlike the Pinkglow pineapple, which has pink flesh.

The Rubyglow pineapple has an extra-sweet flavor and is currently the most exclusive pineapple variety in the Fresh Del Monte family, which includes Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapples, Honeyglow pineapples, Pinkglow, and Del Monte Zero.

Del Monte first released the Rubyglow pineapple in China earlier this year, which led to popular demand for the rare fruit in the U.S. market.

How Are Rubyglow Pineapples Grown?

The Rubyglow pineapples, which took 15 years to develop, are grown in Costa Rica. Del Monte says they’re a cross between a traditional pineapple and a Morada variety grown through crossbreeding. The brand says Rubyglow are non-GMO.

Each Rubyglow pineapple takes two years to grow and naturally ripen before Del Monte chops off the crown and sells them crownless.

Where Can You Buy Rubyglow Pineapples?

Because it takes two years for each pineapple to ripen, the Rubyglow pineapple is extremely rare. Del Monte describes it as an “ultra-premium luxury ‘designer’” fruit that will have limited availability.

With that said, however, the Rubyglow pineapple is coming to retail stores and fresh grocers nationwide. Unlike the Precious Honeyglow, it will not be exclusive to one grocer, but you’ll likely find it at specialty grocery stores, like Whole Foods.

Each retailer will have the ability to set its own price for the fruit, but with the “luxury” descriptor, it makes us a little cautious about the price tag. And if we're right, it wouldn’t be the first time a new fruit variety was up there in price. Last month, we learned about the new Rubī tomato, which is ripe all 12 months of the year, and its $9.99 sticker for 11 small tomatoes.

So while we won’t know the price of the Rubyglow until we spot it in stores, this is a fair warning that the pineapple might be one you'll want to save for special occasions—and maybe not one you use for a pineapple upside-down cake.

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