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Can this pillow really help reduce snoring?

anti-snore pillow
Fed up with your partner snoring? Simply switching their pillow could help. (Getty Images)

A shocking 40% of the UK population snores (that's around 30 million of us), according to the British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association (BSSAA).

This means millions of Brits are suffering from interrupted and poor quality sleep.The research also found that it's not just men to blame for the nocturnal noise pollution either.

Although 10.4 million blokes snore, around 4.5 million women do too (though it's no surprise that men's snoring is a lot louder).

There's a myriad of ways you can try to stop the snores, but alas, they're not always successful.

From nose strips to a snore guard, there are lots of products suggested by the BSSAA that could help, but you'll probably find you have to try a few to see what works for you.

One simple swap that could help is investing in an anti-snore pillow such as the Kally Sleep Anti-Snore Pillow, which usually retails for a very affordable £39.99 but is currently on sale down to just £27.99. The brand, which is also stocked at John Lewis, believes it can reduce snoring frequency and volume by around 60%.

Is that a snort of derision we hear? The anti-snoring pillow has some seriously good credentials behind it, including having been scientifically tested by the British Sleep Apnoea Association.

Shoppers rate it too, with comments including "I no longer disturb my wife"; "huge improvement"; and "never had better sleep".

Why we rate it

The secret to the pillow's success is its ergonomic S-shaped foam core.

Why? This supports your head and neck in a natural sleeping position, ensuring your airways are open which improves your breathing. (Yes, it's suitable for back and side sleepers to use).

The pillow's S-shaped foam core is the secret to its success. (Kally Sleep)
The pillow's S-shaped foam core is the secret to its success. (Kally Sleep)
The pillow has a special ergonomic design, and anti-allergy treated fibres. (Kally Sleep)
The pillow has a special ergonomic design, and anti-allergy treated fibres. (Kally Sleep)

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The polycotton pillow has anti-allergy treated fibres - so you can say bye to bacteria - and it fits in normal-sized pillowcases.

As for the firmness? It's a 6/10 medium.

What the reviews say

Of course, it doesn't work for every single person (what does?) but there is some great feedback from happy users.

Some have even gone as far as to say that it's a "wonder pillow"; another commented they had been allowed back into the marital bedroom again since using the product; while another said it's helped reduce their neck pain and their snoring.

  • "Seriously, now I know what it’s like to have a good sleep! It’s a whole new world! And my wife says my snoring has massively reduced. The wonder pillow!"

  • "Sneaky purchase for our son as his snoring has been so loud. Keeping husband awake. Son has no idea it's an anti snoring pillow, I took the label out. Has definitely been a reduction in snoring. Bonus my son loves his new pillow. Thank you Kally."

  • "I was at my wits end with my husbands snoring the someone told me about this pillow. I was sceptical but was willing to try anything! The pillow arrived quickly which was great. The first night he used it, I couldn’t believe the difference! Although not 100% stopped it all I would certainly say 95% which is a fast improvement."

  • "Not going to say this completely solved my partner's snoring but I bought this when things got really bad, and they've never been really bad again since! It seems to stop most of the snoring, and when I do hear him snoring it's nowhere near as disruptive. I've recommended this to many friends and family!"

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