Pickle Lemonade Is The Hydrating Concoction You Need To Try

glass of lemonade with pickle garnish
glass of lemonade with pickle garnish - NatalyaBond/Shutterstock

Nothing screams summer quite like lemonade. Light, bright, and refreshing, a classic fresh-squeezed lemonade made from lemons, sugar, and water is a tart treat that matches the spirit of summertime sunshine. Iconic as old-fashioned lemonade is, breaking traditions is the crux of innovation in mixology. Although it's an uncommon pairing, infusing lemonade with pickles or pickle juice is a zesty and hydrating way to zhuzh up this timeless beverage.

The salt in the pickle brine will mellow out the lemonade's sugary sweetness, while the acidic vinegar bolsters the lemons' tartness for an unusual yet stimulating depth of flavor. Introducing pickles and pickle juice improves the taste of lemonade and its hydration content.

Despite pickles being brined in a solution of vinegar, water, and salt, they're also rich in electrolytes. Electrolytes aren't just microscopic lightning bolts that make for an interesting science lesson; they also play a key role in hydration. Because pickle juice contains electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium, mixing it into a tangy batch of lemonade is an easy way to boost hydration while imparting the drink with a fresh and funky new flavor profile. Plus, if you use lacto-fermented pickles in your lemonade, you're also introducing some gut-friendly probiotics to the drink. Delicious and nutritious -- what's not to love?

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Tips For Making Pickle Lemonade

Two people juicing lemons
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Fresh squeezed lemonade is famously easy to make, which is why scratch-made lemonade stands are typically a child's first career. Luckily, adding pickles and pickle juice to the amalgam of sweet and sour flavors doesn't change how simple it is to make, and you don't need the ultimate guide to pickles to figure it out. But even kid-friendly recipes come with instructions, and some tips are worth keeping in mind as you prepare a batch of pickle lemonade.

If you're using store-bought pickles, be mindful of the ingredients used in the brine before introducing the juice to a batch of lemonade. Pickles brined with garlic, onion, and pungent spices will not mesh well with the sweet and tart flavors you want to achieve in lemonade.

When putting it all together, don't overcomplicate things. Adding pickles and pickle juice to a batch of lemonade can be as simple as adding a splash of brine straight from the jar into your cup or garnishing with a pickle spear. For that made-from-scratch vibe, you can muddle your ingredients together and top with filtered water.

Customizing And Jazzing Up Pickle Lemonade

Person holding pickle lemonade
Person holding pickle lemonade - X, formerly known as Twitter

Pickle lemonade is an eclectic mashup as it is, but that doesn't mean you can't embellish it with other complementary ingredients and garnishes. Surprisingly, it plays well with various other refreshing, exciting beverage fixings.

For something simple yet effective, a sprig of fresh dill, mint, or basil facilitates the development of garden-fresh aromas for sophisticated sipping. Feeling spicy? Garnish the rim with a chili lime spice blend to give the tangy, sweet, and brackish beverage an elementary of fire. Fresh jalapeños are an excellent alternative to a spice-rimmed glass.

If you're limiting your refined sugar intake, substitute white sugar for alternative liquid sweeteners like floral honey or botanical agave nectar. Sweeteners have distinct flavors, so test as you go to ensure the briny and dulcet flavors are well-balanced. Avoid using maple syrup, as the warming flavors contradict the bright ones in this refreshing beverage recipe.

Spike the pickle lemonade with spirits for an intoxicating twist. Vodka is a neutral-flavored liquor that won't distract from its bold flavor, but vodka infused with lemon, cucumber, or pickle flavors can bolster the taste of the funky lemonade. You can combine your mixture with tequila for a pickle-forward twist on a classic margarita. Top your lemonade with sparkling water to give it an effervescent edge.

Tired of your lemonade routine? As long as you have lemons, pickles, and a sweetener, you're in for an electrolyte-dense, hydrating, topsy-turvy treat you won't soon forget.

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