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Photographer shares 'safety shot' trick that saves wedding portraits: 'You'd be surprised how needed this is'

It can be awkward to look back on your wedding photos years later and see an ex in the shot — whether it’s the ex of someone you’re close with, a friend you no longer speak to or your own ex. But one clever photographer on TikTok (@adamlowndesphotography) is sharing the crafty way he provides newlyweds with a backup plan for that scenario, and people are calling him a genius for it.

Adam Lowndes, of Adam Lowndes Photography, posted the video not long after photographing a couple’s wedding. In it, we see him taking formal photos of the bridal party, which will presumably live on fireplace mantels and living room walls for years to come.

But that’s precisely why he takes special care when going through the lineup.

“That’s great, that’s great, that’s great,” he says in the clip, before gesturing to one man with his left hand. “Alright, safety shot — step off for it, mate.”

The man in question was the bride’s sister’s boyfriend, and the implication was that if they ever broke up, there would at least be a family shot without him the couple could use.

“How to remove the sisters partner from the wedding portrait line up,” Lowndes captioned the post. “Just call it what it is!”

So far, TikTokers have been loving his brutal honesty (not to mention his forward-thinking).

“smart thinking,” one user told him.

“Ours added people one at a time,” another person chimed in, “thought that was clever.”

Others pointed out how practical the little photo “trick” is, especially in today’s world.

“you’d be surprised how needed this is,” one person wrote.

“Remember that half of all marriages end in divorce,” added another. “It really is a coin flip.”

In a follow-up comment, Lowndes explained that he started doing this a while ago and that it’s come in handy on at least one occasion.

“I had a bride ring me up the day after [the wedding] and say thanks for removing the brothers gf as they broke up that evening,” the photographer shared. “Always do it now.”

Smart man!

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