Can you spot what's actually happening in this photo?

Sarah Carty

People all over the internet are freaking out over this photo, which appears to show thousands of ravers at a festival.

Photographer Micah Horn and his friend, Brandon Brieger, posted the image to Twitter and since then it’s blown up, with people desperate to know what they’re actually looking at.

And while it might look like your usual concert set-up, on closer inspection, all is not as it seems.

Can you see what's actually happening in this photo? Photo: Twitter/Micah Horn/Brandon Brieger

It turns out that Micah and Brandon were actually in a cotton field then the snap was taken, and that’s actually a cotton-picking machine in the background.

The incredible optical illusion has been making waves on line, with people all over the web believing they were looking at some epic session.

“Is this Lalapalooza?” one person asked.

“I thought this was a rave,” another person said.

“Why did I just zoom in to see what music fest this was?” another person asked.

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