Peter Stefanovic puts himself back on the market

Bianca Soldani
Lifestyle Editor Australia

Peter Stefanovic is looking for a job, any job.

Or more specifically, “any upcoming relevant opportunities including ambassador roles and MC/Hosting opportunities”, according to a post shared by his management in media newsletter, Social Diary, today.

The message informed the industry that “Peter Stefanovic has been on the ground for many of the world’s most recent historic events.

“Peter has covered everything from the Iraq war, Presidential elections, Golden Globes and many more over the course of 14+ years.”

And now he’s available for “relevant opportunities”.

Photo: Social Diary

The journalist, his wife Sylvia Jeffreys, and older brother Karl Stefanovic were all casualties in a spate of changes announced at Nine at the end of last year.

Sylvia and Karl both left Today, but remain with the network, whereas after 15 years, Peter parted ways with Nine altogether.

His statement to the media at the time explained that, “Peter has decided to explore new opportunities and is looking forward to spending weekends with his wife.”

After the holiday period, it seems he’s now ready to get back on the horse. We’ll stay tuned to see what offers come his way.

Peter parted ways with Channel Nine at the end of last year – pictured with Richard Wilkins, who has moved to Today Extra, Karl Stefanovic and wife Sylvia Jeffreys, who have both left Today. Photo: Instagram/thetodayshow

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