'Petal thrower' goes viral after making friend's proposal a whole lot rosier

Gillian Wolski
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A Canadian man has gone viral after he was captured energetically tossing red rose petals while his friend, Charbel Abillama, got down on one knee and proposed to his unsuspecting girlfriend.

The footage, captured and shared on Twitter by Alison Mah on August 4, has since racked up over 14 million views, prompting petal-thrower Wael Mansour to dramatically change his career.

A perfect proposal

Charbel originally planned to pop the question to his partner Kristina Hanna outside a fancy hotel but when security shooed him off, he and his buddy Wael had to come up with an alternate idea - and fast.

The pair relocated to a public square nearby and, according to Charbel, it was Wael who was the mastermind behind the petal-throwing plan which saw him shower a gobsmacked Kristina in red rose petals as she descended the stairs.

“The idea of having Wael throw the petals was legit all him, I wish I can describe the type of character he is,” he told Buzzfeed.

'Petal thrower' Wael has gone viral. Photo: Twitter/alisonmah.

”He totally freestyled it and told me five mins before the proposal 'I'm going to hide in this corner and throw petals all over her',” he added.

Needless to say, the event caught the eye of many passersby, but Wael didn’t let anything distract him from doing his duty.

Pro-petal thrower

Wael is lapping up all the attention online - he’s being hailed as the ‘best friend everyone needs’ - and has even decided to turn pro, creating Twitter and Instagram accounts as 'Petal Thrower.'

“DM me for your petal throwing needs,” his cheeky bio reads.

But it looks like Wael still needs to work on perfecting his craft after Charbel revealed that he got the flower order wrong.

“We first told him to order five bags of red petals," he told Narcity, adding, "He got one bag of red and four other ones all different colours, so we sat there picking through them. Yes, that took a lot of time!”

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