Andrew Scott Walked Out Of A BAFTAs Interview, And For Good Reason

Andrew Scott Walked Out Of A BAFTAs Interview, And For Good Reason

An interview of actor Andrew Scott at this weekend's BAFTAs has gone viral.

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For context, Andrew was notably snubbed from the Best Actor category for his performance in the queer fantasy romance All of Us Strangers. The movie was nominated for six awards in total.

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On the red carpet, Andrew was asked by a journalist if he knows fellow Irish actor Barry Keoghan "well." Andrew replied, "I know Barry, yeah."

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"Okay, your reaction when you first saw the naked dance scene at the end of Saltburn?" the BBC interviewer asked. Andrew initially responded, "Jeez."

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"No spoilers, please," someone off camera interjected. Looking uncomfortable, Andrew replied, "Okay, listen, I won't spoil it for anybody. It's great."

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The interviewer then urged, "You can spoil away" — to which Andrew once again said, "No, I won't spoil it for anybody."

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"There was a lot of talk about prosthetics. How well do you know him?" the interviewer continued. At that point, Andrew shook his head and walked away.


People began to discuss the clip on social media, with on X user calling the interview "disgusting" and "truly horrid":

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BuzzFeed has reached out to representatives for Andrew for comment.