"I Truly Enjoy What I Do": 34 People With Six-Figure Salaries Shared Their Job Titles, And Some Of Them Are Surprising

For most of my life, a six-figure salary has meant that you've got it made. And even though in recent years, folks earning these higher salaries have begun to report that it's not enough, I'd still feel pretty darn rich on $100k a year.

shut up I'm rich

Recently, u/mrauzzy asked people on Reddit who make six figures to share how they do it, and the replies were incredibly eye-opening. Of course, it's important to note that depending on location and seniority, these jobs can pay more or less, so they're not a guaranteed six figures. Here's what people had to say:

1."Got a PhD in physics and now work as an engineer. My background is in optics and photonics, but I do general hardware engineering on sensors in aerospace and defense. If you're a US Citizen, I think this is a good route to go. The pay at a place like Lockheed or Ball Aerospace is very good. You can expect $120K at the bare minimum if you have a PhD. That can grow to, like, $150K within a few years if you take on greater leadership roles."

engineer working on a jet engine in a lab

2."I started by fixing other people's Excel workbooks. Then I fixed people's PowerPoints. Now I fix people's Jira boards. It turns out there are a lot of really smart people who have a hard time translating what's in their brains into something others can understand and work with."


3."Cardiovascular perfusionist."


4."Corporate pilot. I fly mostly day trips out and back same day. Only overnight a couple nights a month. But that’s the exception. In a typical pilot job, you are away from home more."

A pilot working in the cockpit

5."Software engineer."


6."I married a nurse who makes six figures. 😂 I’m a scientist and do what I love, but probably won’t be there for a while."


7."Casino dealer."

man shuffling cards

8."Certified public accountant (CPA)."


9."Construction project manager for a company that works for the uber-rich. I studied civil engineering and am technically an assistant project manager. I can expect further pay raises when I reach PM in one to two years."


10."Data scientist."

woman presenting data to her colleagues

11."Finance manager."





doctor talking with a patient

14."Digital product management. Product management is essentially overseeing the strategy and development of the product. In my case, it’s for web applications (apps, online stores, etc.). A lot of the day to day is doing research: talking to customers, understanding the market, talking to other people in the business so I understand what they need, and looking at what’s working and not working in the product. With that info, the job is coming up with ideas for what to build next and working with development teams to actually build the features. Finally, there’s a lot of analysis on whether what we built solved problems for customers and the business."


15."Employment lawyer."


16."Marketing director. Took me a while, but I impressed the right people."

marketing director speaking in an executive meeting

17."Automotive component design engineer."




19."High school principal."

principal standing in a school hallway

20."Medical imaging. Nuclear medicine, PET, and CT."




22."Dog groomer. I have four-day work weeks (Tuesday through Friday), five-hour workdays (10–5, 1-hr lunch break), and Saturday through Monday off."

person cutting a dog's hair

23."Cybersecurity consulting."


24."Court reporter."


25."Aircraft mechanic for a major airline."

mechanics inspecting a jet engine

26."Occupational therapist."


27."Commercial construction, elevators. The sales people and especially the mechanics (if union) should clear six figures pretty regularly."



firefighters putting on protective equipment

29."Tech headhunter."


30."Machine learning engineer."


31."I am an esthetician (professional skincare), and I own my own clinic."

esthetician giving a client a facial

32."Mid-level manager at a mortgage company. It sounds terribly boring, and also, I have been in my area for 20 years. However, if I had to narrow down actions to what I feel has turned out a successful career (especially having never finished college), it is that I am easy to work with, always positive/forward thinking, and I am a horse you can bet on (senior leaders want to know you are reliable to get done what they want, and they have little time for you to make a good impression). Also, despite the boring aspects of my job, I make the best of it and truly enjoy what I do by choice."


33."Auto mechanic."


34.And finally, "Independent personal trainer."

trainer teaching a client proper form for lifting weights

Do you have a six-figure job or know someone who does? Tell us what it is in the comments!