People Are Sharing The Wildest Things Parents Have Said To Them, And I'm TRULY Reeling

This article contains mentions of suicide and sexual assault.

Sure, parents are supposed to be the ones in charge — but they can get out-of-pocket too sometimes, that's just facts.

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U/TheGasMove recently asked the people of Reddit, "What has a parent said to you that made you go 'WTF'?" There's plenty to relate to here — and, parents, take note to chill out a little bit too:

1."After I told my mother that I didn't open up to her or my dad because I didn't trust them with my emotions, she started screaming that she hated me. Like, girl, this is exactly why I don't tell you things 😂."


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2."'Eating all your vegetables will make the hair grow on your chest and balls.' Well WTF if I don’t want hairy balls, mom!"


3."My mom told me that women pooped babies out of their butt. I believed this until I was 12 or 13. Boy, I got laughed at when I used this as my answer when asked in sex ed."


4."I worked at a daycare center for kids with special needs and had my own classroom. One day, a sub showed up to help out in my room. One of the five-year-olds, who usually took a lot of time warming up to subs, took to this woman. While they were sitting at a table coloring, the little boy said, 'I love you, Miss Michele!' This sub, who was a mom, said to this kid, 'Oh. I don’t love you. I love MY kids, but I don’t love you.' It’s a small thing, I suppose, but it seemed pointlessly mean and careless."


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5."My father once told me that, between my brother and I, I was his favorite. This caught me off guard because I thought parents weren’t supposed to have favorites."


6."I shaved my head at 21 and have kept that hairstyle for the last 28 years. My dad walked into my room when I was 26 and asked me for a comb! He looked at me, thought about it for a second, and laughed."


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7."My mom once told me she wished I'd just kill myself already. She doesn't remember saying it, but it's stuck with me as the most fucked up thing she's ever said."


8."'If you're like this now, I hate to think what you'll be like on your period.' I was huddled in a chair, running a low-grade fever and suffering from diarrhea. She was angry with me for trying to stay home from school."


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9."I've always had terrible migraines, and so has my mom, who is usually a very proper 'lady.' About 15 years ago, I was really suffering. I think most people know this, but orgasms release endorphins which can help with pain. So, I'm on the phone with my mom and I'm in near tears because of the pain I'm in — and she goes, 'I'm just going to say this really quick because I love you. Tell Mike to go down on you and it'll help with your pain.' She immediately hung up. I just froze. I so did not need that mental image of what my parents are getting up to when she has a migraine. I think we avoided talking to each other for about a week after that. It was made worse when I later found out that she and my dad had DISCUSSED if she should tell me that, or if that advice would be crossing a line. He thought it was hilarious."

10."When I called my mother to find out a good time of year to visit her she said, 'What for?'"


11."I hadn’t talked to my dad in 15 years. I decided to reach out — for certain reasons, not to restart a relationship — and he asked if he could ask me about my life. I let him, and I told him, among other things, that I was in a wonderful relationship with a terrific gal. He said, 'Is this a real relationship, or like the girlfriends I had when I was with your mother?' I was equally glad I disowned him 15 years ago, disappointed a man and a father would speak like that to his estranged son, and angry that he was the father I was born to. He is just one big joke to me."


12."I needed to take my youngest sister with me to my appointment, and afterwards she gleefully told me how beautiful my therapist was. I thought that was super adorable, and I decided to share that sentiment with my mother. Her response? 'Really? I thought she was Black.' 🤦🏻‍♀️ I still haven’t recovered from that response. Like, mom, you’re Hispanic, you shouldn’t be like this."


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13."I would often visit the kitchen to watch how my mother cook. One day, when my father saw me coming out of the kitchen, and he said, 'You keep visiting the kitchen, your dick and balls are gonna fall off. That’s how girls are made.' I was seven when he said that to me."


14."I reminded my mom that humans deserve a basic level of respect, and that the fact she considered obedience a form of respect skews her view on how to treat people. She told me, 'I don't have to respect you. You're my child.' I was an adult at the time."


15."I called my dad asking how to set up a retirement fund and he said, 'Retirement is for the birds. Work until you’re dead.'"


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16."'You're a weak person. You should go kill yourself.' This was after I opened up to my dad about my depression six months after my mom passed away."


17."During lockdown, my mom kept finding my brother's baby clothes (she threw mine away) and sending me pictures, telling me that she couldn't wait to be a grandma. I asked if my brother got his girlffriend pregnant, and she said she was talking about me, I reminded her I would never give her and my dad grandkids, and she responded, 'Don't worry, I'll find someone to rape you and force you to have the kid.'"


18."My old boss said that she got jealous when her husband called their four-year-old daughter beautiful, so she called her daughter ugly and told him to stop inflating her ego. She proudly admitted it to all of us as if it was normal, and it baffles me to this day."


19."I saw a women pick her child up by the hair and yell, 'Don’t you hit your sister! You will be nice to your sister! I had her for YOU!'"


And finally...

20."'I wish I never had kids.'”


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These entries were edited for length and clarity.

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