People Are Sharing Their Opinions About What They Wouldn't Buy And Not Understanding Why Others Do, And Honestly, I Agree With Them On A Lot Of These

Obviously, what people spend their money on is their own business. However, I think most of us probably have strong opinions on what we see as worthy of buying and what we probably think is not. And while you might not judge someone for spending their money on something, you might not really understand why they feel it's worth it.

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Recently, Reddit user LionEclipse asked this question: "What's something you wouldn't buy and don't understand why people do?"

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Thousands of people replied with the things they don't get why people spend money on them. Below are the best and top comments:

1."Anything that says, 'Live. Laugh. Love.'"


2."Trucks that cost $70,000-plus that you only drive to and from your office job."


3."Expensive designer clothing, as I find comfort and functionality more important than designer labels"

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4."NFTs. I understand that someone might purchase one because they see it as an investment in something with increasing value. What I don’t understand is why anyone thinks it would have value. Normal people do not give half of a s**t about whether you have an 'original' digital image if we can get everything besides the certificate saying it’s an original for free. So you’re just betting on a small group of equally deluded people to care about something that has no inherent value."


5."Engagement rings that cost, much as a popular car. If you are worried that she might say no if the ring isn't that expensive, she is not 'the one.'"

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6."Latest expensive smart phone whenever they're first released."

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7."Diamonds. I never understood the appeal of them."


8."The bargain version of a thing they really want. You're just wasting money to cause yourself grief."

pasta maker

9."Things like $700 sneakers and $150 plain white T-shirts with logos on Goofies. You're so 'cool' dude. If you think so."

fuzzy shoes

10."Greens powder. That stuff is so expensive and has the nutritional value of half a cup of spinach. I can get a whole bag of spinach at Aldi for $2, so why would I spend $40 on a tiny tub of powder that tastes disgusting?"


11."Any smart home type device."

home speaker

12."Bottled water in places where tap water is perfectly fit to drink."

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13.Expensive scented hand soaps. Paying for a product you wash down the drain in less than 20 seconds (10 seconds for most people) seems like such a waste.

soap dispenser

14."Expensive coffee drinks from places like chains and coffee shops. Maybe I'm old fashioned but, I can make my own delicious coffee at home on the cheap."


15."Not a stuff, but filler and Botox. They only last around six months. And you will never win against gravity (I know it's your muscle), your face will go down when you're older. So for me, it's useless...and I don't get it."

person getting botox

16."Spending $500 on a put your drinks in. It is such a weird flex for people, too. Watch me pull my cheap beer out of this $500 cooler. 'Dammmmmn son, you ballin.'"

old cooler

17."Food covered in gold flake."


18."Massive weddings. I don’t get the appeal. It’s like a super formal birthday party designed to stress you out and that you pay out the nose for. My wife and I eloped, with just a couple witnesses and zero drama. For less than the cost of a wedding cake."

elegant wedding set up

19.And lastly: "Super expensive gym clothes that are ugly anyway."

rack of gym clothes

You can read the full thread of responses on Reddit.

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.