"I Always Thought It Was Odd Until I Finally Tried It For Myself": People Are Sharing Unusual Flavor Combinations That Actually Slap

You have probably felt like a genius in the kitchen at some point when — while playing around with seemingly incongruous ingredients — you found a flavor combination that just works. Well, redditor u/SilverFilm26 asked, "What is a simple food combo you never thought to try but blew your mind when you did?" Here are some responses, including a few from the BuzzFeed Community.

1."Sriracha and raspberry jam. Mix it together and eat it with cheese and crackers. It's bliss."

Plate with crackers topped with melted cheese and fruit preserves, some with sliced salami and cheese

2."For me, it's putting fresh dill in canned tuna. I'd never thought to do it before until I had a sandwich from a restaurant in NYC that contained dill. It was so good, and now I always add dill to my homemade tuna sandwiches."

Bowl of chopped chicken salad with celery, red onion, and herbs

3."Growing up, we always put a little dollop of sour cream with maple syrup on our pancakes. People always get grossed out, but it's a delicious combination of hot and cold, sweet and tangy. Plus, that extra bit of creaminess complements the stickiness of the syrup. Seriously, try it."


4."Radish and butter with flaky salt. I love radishes (and who doesn't love butter and salt?), but never in a million years would I have thought to put these ingredients together on my own. A French colleague turned me on to this a few years ago; it's a regular snack for me now."

A plate with a square of butter, salt in a small bowl, several radishes with leaves attached

5."Crumbled goat cheese and blueberries is my favorite snack. Sometimes, I'll add pistachios into the mix, too."


6."Vanilla ice cream with quality balsamic vinegar. Try it."

A bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup

7."Fresh herbs, in general, are very underrated. A favorite combo I've discovered is fresh tarragon in egg salad or an egg salad sandwich."

An open-faced egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread, garnished with black pepper, on a plate with a leaf design

8."Creamed or buttered corn in Kraft mac 'n' cheese. Bonus points if you scoop up said mixture with potato chips."

dick wolf

9."Ranch seasoning on potatoes (mashed or baked, it doesn't matter). Even my husband (who hates ranch) swears by this combination. Any time I make potatoes now, they are ranch-seasoned."

A close-up image of a white plate filled with golden-brown, diced roasted potatoes seasoned with herbs

10."When I cooked at a restaurant, a waitress always ordered a grilled cheese with tomato and pickle. I always thought it was odd until I tried it and immediately understood."


11."I had a roommate who would put peanut butter on her BLT sandwiches. I thought it sounded awful, but she made one for me to try and it slapped so hard. 10/10 would eat again."

Triple-decker BLT sandwich stacked with crispy bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on toasted bread

12."Jam and cheddar cheese with salami or summer sausage on toast."


13."Apple pie with sharp cheese or — even better — some gooey, stinky, French cheese."

A slice of apple pie topped with a slice of melted cheese on a brown plate with a fork beside it

14."Kimchi in a grilled cheese sandwich. I like kimchi and I like grilled cheese, but not once did it cross my mind to combine the two until I saw it on some YouTube channel. I tried it and loved it."

A close-up of a grilled cheese sandwich cut in half, with melted cheese oozing out and a crispy, toasted bread surface on a plate

15."Strawberries and black pepper. In fact, one of the best homemade ice creams I've ever eaten was this flavor combo."


16."Adding popcorn to soup. I can thank the Galápagos Islands for this trick. They served it everywhere there, and I thought it was absurd at first. Turns out, popcorn in soup is better than crackers."

A bowl of creamy soup topped with popcorn sits on a white plate

17."I've started adding a glug of fish sauce to any beef stew I make. It makes a huge difference."

A bowl of beef stew with chunks of beef, potatoes, carrots, and peas served with a spoon

18."I always like buttered toast dipped in hot cocoa. The sweetness of the chocolate balances the saltiness of the butter."


19."Peanut butter and pickle sandwich! Throw some bacon on there and it takes it up another level."

A sandwich with one slice spread with peanut butter and the other slice topped with small pickles, on a blue and white plate

20."Doritos dipped in tuna salad is an underrated, amazingly good snack."

A hand holding a nacho chip topped with a mixture of tuna and pickles, with a table and another person's leg visible in the background

21."One of the weird favorites in my house growing up was cream cheese and walnut sandwiches on whole wheat bread. Just a layer of cream cheese topped with chopped walnuts. The taste and textures are just lovely."


22.And finally, "Honey Nut Cheerios with chocolate instead of regular milk. Heck, any cereal with chocolate milk!"

Bowl of cereal with milk on a kitchen counter. A spoon is in the bowl

What's an unlikely food combination that you loved when you finally tried it? Tell us in the comments or drop it into this anonymous form.