People Are Sharing The "Do It For The Plot" Reasons They Hooked Up With Someone, And Some Of Y'all Are Wild

I'm sure a lot of you have experienced hookups that didn't go as planned, were unexpected, or maybe you just did it for the plot.

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I went down a rabbit hole of this Reddit thread where u/Environmental_Log257 asked "What’s the [most unexpected] reason you hooked up with someone?" and sheesh, some of these reasons are OUT THERE. Here is what some people had to say.

1."We hooked up in exchange for discounts on office supplies and Outback Steakhouse gift certificates."


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2."She told me her therapist told her to have sex with me. So I obliged. Who am I to argue with a professional?"


3."We almost dated in high school. We had a falling out in college and didn't talk for years until we both attended a mutual friend's wedding. We were the only single people there and neither wanted to go home empty-handed. So we didn't."


4."Loneliness from a failed marriage."


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5."I was bored and he looked like a guy I was trying to get over."


6."I had a friend in college who shared a resemblance to me. We'd go to parties and introduce ourselves as brother and sister the whole night, really play the part. Then we'd end each night making out furiously in front of everyone."


7."He cheated on me with his roommate’s girlfriend. So obviously his roommate and I hooked up for some revenge. It was excellent and I regret nothing."

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8."I felt unattractive after my ex cheated on me and I needed someone to tell me I wasn't."


9."Because she asked. I was visiting a friend in a different part of the state and she introduced me to one of her friends and she gave her my AOL username. This was back in the late 90s. A few days after returning home I received a message from that person asking for a one-night stand."


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10."We were near one another when the party wound down."


"Been here. It helped me get over my ex, though. It gave me a real confidence boost that someone would choose me at the end of the party — even if out of convenience. I think it's one of the moments that literally changed my life and my image of myself for the better."


11."A friend in college hooked up with a girl once and swore he'd never do it with her again. Next week he was drunk and she texted him that she made mac n' cheese. He couldn't say no to that."

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12."I thought it would lead to a relationship."


13."One time, I hooked up with one of the girls in our friend group. We were both drunk after going out with just the two of us. We laughed the morning after and it was a bit awkward. We weren’t even attracted to each other."


14."She asked to use the bathroom and came out naked. I was 19 and didn’t want to be rude."


Do you have an unexpected hook-up story? If so, share it with me in the comments below!