32 "Boomer Complaints" That I'm Pretty Sure Gen Z, Gen X, And Millennials All Agree With

A prompt on Elon Musk's Twitter is going viral, asking people to share their most "boomer complaints."

Twitter: @FvreignLL

Here are some of my favorites:

1. Bring back laptops with DVD players:

Twitter: @theereal_one

2. TV shows are too dark and commercials are too loud:

Twitter: @aaronhoyland

3. Enough with the QR codes for restaurant menus:

Twitter: @ImpatienTourist

4. Everything is a subscription:

Twitter: @idkallyne

5. Bring back buttons:

Twitter: @OhhCathcart

6. Maps:

Twitter: @detachment_red

7. The fact that you have to check-in for doctors appointments:

Twitter: @duchessopie

8. Unsubscribing from emails is too hard:

Twitter: @the_808girl

9. The writing on medicine bottles is too small:

Twitter: @jamadoria

10. 9 PM is too late to go out:

Twitter: @DrJayDrNo

11. Bring back CD players in cars:

Twitter: @loribuugz

12. Bring back microwaves in hotel rooms:

Twitter: @bonxvivre

13. Too many cords:

Twitter: @katiegiel

14. Bring back actual customer service:

Twitter: @CALMJEDi

15. Coupons:

Twitter: @_edbrella

16. Car headlights are too bright:

Twitter: @CrymsonDawn

17. Bring back shopping in physical stores:

Twitter: @BoycottKey

18. Kids using phones in school:

Twitter: @Ikeyo_

19. Music is too loud in restaurants:

Twitter: @cinemaxwell

20. Bring back laptops with buttons:

Twitter: @knowlesstallion

21. Physical photo albums:

Twitter: @glokay_

22. Stop with the whole email address for a receipt thing:

Twitter: @Daniel_W12

23. Kids don't know how to write in cursive anymore:

Twitter: @Tom_Engels_Desk

24. Paper straws are the worst:

Twitter: @dk_fakegod

25. Bring back cable:

Twitter: @unicornstravel

26. Too many electric bikes on sidewalks:

Twitter: @KilljoyGSW

27. Too many ads:

Twitter: @dayytonerr

28. Everything needs to be charged:

Twitter: @literyture

29. Too many emails:

Twitter: @nearwi1dheaven

30. TVs mounted over fireplaces:

Twitter: @BigBicNick

31. Bring back physical media:

Twitter: @t_ruggeri

32. And lastly and most importantly, BRING BACK THE HEADPHONE JACK.

Twitter: @fatfabfeminist