"I Think Most People Are Not Prepared For This": 13 Things People Mistakenly Believe They Want Until They Actually Get It

As humans, it's natural to yearn for something because it feels like it could potentially fix or make our lives better. However, sometimes, when we get the thing, it actually doesn't make us any more happy than we were before. So when Reddit user u/Corey_Bee asked: "What is something most people think they want until they get it?" a lot of people provided their thoughts. Here's what they had to say below:

1."Living off-grid. Boats. Livestock other than goats or chickens."

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2."Myself included on this one, but I know many people who have certain kinks/fetishes they’ve always wanted to try and totally did not enjoy once they became a reality."


3."Their dreams being fulfilled. I was watching Soul, and it hit hard when he finally got what he'd been chasing forever and ended up with a serious case of... 'Now what?'"

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4."To be older."


"In my 40's, my brain has finally figured life out... And now my body is falling apart."


5."When I was a kid, I really wanted a cast or crutches. Yeah, really not a good idea."

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6."To get back with an ex."


"Every time I dated an ex, I quickly remembered why we had dated and then remembered why we had broken up."


7."A pool table."

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"All the people wishing to be rich and famous. I'll take being just rich. Nobody likes me as it is. If I become rich and famous, people will pretend to like me. Fuck those people."


9."A (really) big house. There is so much maintenance and expense; just keeping track of all your stuff, higher utility bills, more taxes, and probably an HOA. Just cleaning it is an impossible task without hiring professionals."

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10."Kids. I think most people are not prepared even if they love their kids. The majority of parents suffer and so do the kids. I guess being in education, I see firsthand lots of parents who should not have had kids."


"My advice to people is to not have kids unless you're 100% into it.

Anything less than that is unfair to everyone involved, especially the kid(s).

I would kill any of you for my kids, I love them so much. But it's a hard fucking job being a parent."


11."Being in a boss or leadership position. The pay is nice, but the amount of pointless bullshit is just ridiculous. Bosses have bosses, and basically, I'm just a messenger letting my employees know how their job is going to suck more for absolutely nothing in return, which they blame me for. There are better ways to make way more money for being hated."

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12."A threesome. It's fun, sure, but it is goddamn exhausting. It's like attempting to perform a complicated weight-lifting routine while jumping from one treadmill to another and back."


13."I thought I really wanted my belly button pierced, but it was annoying and always irritated from my pants, etc, so it didn’t last and left a scar."

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Do you believe there's a specific thing that people want but actually regret once they have it? Tell us what it is and why in the comments below.