People Are Sharing How They Caught Their Partner Cheating, And I'm Living For The Drama

Recently Reddit user u/TheBaronofIbilin recently asked, "For those of you who caught your spouse cheating, how did you do it?"

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While I read their stories, I couldn't help but gasp. Here's how these people caught their sloppy cheaters in the act:

1."I found a message on his phone from a mutual friend of ours that read, 'I can't stop thinking about all the things I want to do to you when I see you again.' We'd been together for six years, and I was four months pregnant at the time."


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2."She had done some unexpected personal grooming and packed lingerie to take to work with her. When we got home at the end of the day, and she went off to get ready for bed (clearly not intending to sleep with me), I pulled the very used lingerie out of her bag and confronted her. She evaded initially but ended up confessing it was some guy from her work she had only met a couple of days earlier. That was three weeks ago. She's still sleeping with the new guy while I've moved out, and I am trying to figure out how we sell the house we bought together seven months ago. So, fun times."


3."She was having too many 'girls night out.' I was skeptical. I checked her location on Find My Friends and saw she was at the neighbor's house. He’s single. A betrayal like that is devastating."


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4."My ex used to run a construction business with a childhood friend. They were very close, and his friend was at our wedding. Ex started stealing money from the business and lying about jobs. I didn’t know this until his friend showed up at our home demanding we pay him back. My ex refused and told him he was going solo in the business. The friend looked me dead in the eye and told me the woman's name. No other info but just the name. I immediately knew what he meant by the look in his eye. He then gave me the address. The house was built by my husband, four years prior."


5."He told me that he was at his parents' and would probably be spending the night. I was over at his parents for dinner. They had seen me on my way home from work and invited me over. I was about to ask him when he would be finished with work so that he could meet me there, then I saw the message."


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6."I went to the doctor for an IUD for birth control after our second child, and while the doctor was inserting the IUD in my cervix, she informed me that I had an STI. I had only had sex with him for the past 10 years."


7."She said she was at a friend's studying. I had suspicions about a guy she was working with, so I drove about 30 minutes to his house and found her car there. I parked out front and called her. She picked up, and I just let her bury herself as hard as I could. I asked her what she was studying, what the girl's name was she was studying with, where she lived, and everything I could think of to make her fumble about. Then I told her to look out front of the house she was in. When I saw her peek through a blind, I waved and told her to find a new place to live and to come get her things. I know things hadn't been great for a while, but it was still a bummer to end like that."


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8."I was rubbing her stomach in bed, and she made a joke about not being pregnant, assuring me she'd had a pregnancy test two weeks before. We hadn't seen each other in three months because she was studying in Scotland."


9."I was suspicious, my spider senses were tingling. She left her laptop open, so I logged into her work email. Her lover was a coworker. Nothing was in the inbox. The dummy deleted all the emails but didn't delete her trash. It was all there."


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10."My boyfriend and flatmate went out for drinks while I stayed home with the flu. I fell asleep on the sofa watching TV and woke up to noises upstairs. It sounded like moaning and kissing. My heart sank, and I felt like throwing up as I silently crept to my bedroom to peer in. My flatmate was on top of my boyfriend, half-naked. She saw me and leaped off, then ran out to her bedroom and shut the door. I yelled and banged on it, but she ignored me. I went to him to yell and get an explanation, but he pretended he was asleep, completely ignoring me, and denying it the next day."


11."I parked outside his house and asked him what he was doing. He said, 'Just relaxing at home,' but he wasn’t home. Went through his phone that night and found everything. He was cheating with at least four other women."


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12."She didn’t come home after dropping our youngest off at preschool, which is only two miles away, for the afternoon session. I noticed she had makeup on and showered early, on her day off, which never happened. I watched her location, and she was in a rural area she never goes to, and it wouldn’t zoom in. Finally, it zoomed in, and I screenshot it. I drove down and walked in on her, buck naked, in his trailer waiting for round two. He was outside smoking a cigarette, and when I walked up, he looked like he thought I was about to kill him."


13."She handed me her phone and asked me to proofread an email she was going to send to her director that morning, and in came a text from some dude I'd never heard of. They had hooked up the week before while I was on a work trip. They'd been sexting for weeks. They met while she was out with girls."


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14."She left her diary on the lounge room floor when she went to work. I debated reading it but eventually gave in. It was then I found out about her screwing my brother multiple times when I was working night shifts. When I confronted her about it, she called me out for reading her diary and for working the night shift, therefore not being home when she got horny. I tried to explain the difference in levels of the bad things we did, but she didn't see any."


15.And finally "I went to the mailbox to retrieve the mail and found a statement from a bank we didn't use with her name and another man's name on it. That's when I knew we were done."