People Are Sharing Their Bittersweet Reflections On Growing Older In Response To Miley Cyrus's Emotional New Song

On Friday, Miley Cyrus dropped her latest single, "Used to Be Young," and the ballad is filled with heartbreaking but beautiful reflections from the former child star on growing up in the spotlight.

Did you catch that the Disney Channel alum wore a Mickey Mouse T-shirt in the video?

"Used to Be Young" dropped on the 10th anniversary of her controversial hit song, "Wrecking Ball," which was released on Aug. 25, 2013.

A closeup  of Miley in a crop top

As you might recall, that same day, Miley also performed her song "We Can't Stop" on stage at the 2013 VMAs alongside Robin Thicke. The performance was heavily criticized at the time, and Miley has in years since talked about struggling with the judgment and body shaming she received from it.

  Michael Loccisano / FilmMagic
Michael Loccisano / FilmMagic

Naturally, the song's message of being kind to your past self proved emotional for some fans of the singer, many of whom have grown up alongside her over the past decade. Others are simply obsessed with the new song

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So here are 14 of the best tweets about "Used to Be Young." Warning: You might want to grab a tissue.


everyone apologize to miley cyrus right now i’m taking roll

— sam (@virtualhater) August 25, 2023

@virtualhater/Twitter/SME / Via Twitter: @virtualhater


used to be young - miley cyrus

— out of context hannah montana (@OCHannahMontana) August 25, 2023

@OCHannahMontana/Twitter/Disney / Via Twitter: @OCHannahMontana


Me after watching #UsedToBeYoung music video by miley cyrus

— Miley Topic (@twinklemileyc) August 25, 2023

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Kind of amazing hearing Miley Cyrus, 17ish years into her career and still only 30 years old, evolve from a great musical chameleon to find her authentic voice as a musical artist.

— Nathan Hubbard (@NathanCHubbard) August 25, 2023

@NathanCHubbard/Twitter/SME / Via Twitter: @NathanCHubbard


these vocals from miley! i swear used to be young is like a part two to the climb.

— khalia. | for the black girls.🫐📜 (@VERONASFILMS) August 25, 2023



i grew up with taylor, but i also grew up with miley. hannah montana will always be my #1 childhood show. i’ll always be a miley fan & the public did her so dirty over the years. this song is so heartbreaking and raw and beautiful. love seeing her reclaim her youth🩷🩷

— marissa (@mastermindmaris) August 25, 2023

@mastermindmaris/Twitter/SME / Via Twitter: @mastermindmaris


This is a really good and touching song for any woman but especially those who were attacked while just trying to grow up and find her place in a chaotic world. @MileyCyrus' vocals are always hard-hitting. Great new single 👏🏾

— Ameshia Cross (@AmeshiaCross) August 25, 2023

@AmeshiaCross/Twitter/SME / Via Twitter: @AmeshiaCross


"USED TO BE YOUNG" - a tribute to growth, reflection, and unwavering support. Every chapter of our life is a song, and this one's for the loyal souls who've been there through it all. 🎶 Here's to honoring every version of ourselves. ✨

— Keesha (@keesha_thoughts) August 25, 2023

@keesha_thoughts/Twitter / Via Twitter: @keesha_thoughts


Miley is one of the few celebrities I cannot help but keep in high regard and on a high pedestal in my mind. She’s one of the few who’s grown in the industry, fucked up, taken alot of the accountability for it, and chosen to let it help her be better. Watching her grow helped me.

— Lauren| Friendly NBHD Bi (@FriendlyNBHDBi) August 25, 2023

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Miley 🥹 Of her generation of Disney stars she faced the harshest criticisms & I’m very appreciative with how her journey has allowed future Disney artists like Olivia have more freedom of expression & to not be boxed into a “good girl” image#MileyCyrus  #UsedToBeYoung

— crazily circling in livie luv 💜 (@crazylittleliv) August 25, 2023

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This SONG! The lyrics, the camera work, the clothing choice, the tears, the smiles.. I love seeing the conversation with us & her past self, being honest & compassionate ❤ She poured her heart into this song & it shows! We all used to be young, but we all continue to live 😭❤

— Miranda 🎮 (@Mirandalorians) August 25, 2023

@Mirandalorians/Twitter/SME / Via Twitter: @Mirandalorians


From reminiscing about being wild to cherishing our growth, Miley' new song "USED TO BE YOUNG" reminds us of the journey we're all on. It's a beautiful tribute to embracing our past, present, and future. Let's celebrate the incredible person we're becoming!

— alienne (@alienne_sophie) August 25, 2023

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Her emotion melts me tbh. This is gorgeous, love love love her.

— Jade Jolie (@QueenJadeJolie) August 25, 2023

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Used To Be Young by Miley Cyrus

— 𝗝𝗼𝗿𝗱𝗮𝗻 (@changeisathing) August 25, 2023

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