29 Of The Strangest Smells People Admit They Secretly Love, And Some Of Them Are Real Freaky

There's a post on X going viral asking, "What's a weird smell that you like?"

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Personally, for me, it's a water fountain at a mall in the '90s.

A large American flag hangs in a shopping mall atrium with a central water fountain and surrounding plants
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But this post isn't about me! So, here are other people's favorite weird smells:

2. Home Depots.

Twitter: @DaniKeyarrow

3. This specific permanent marker:

Twitter: @AshleyShyMiller

4. Bone dust.

Twitter: @odetomedusa

5. Underground parking garages.

Twitter: @99kerosene

6. A freshly opened back of cards.

Twitter: @NintendoPowell

7. Asphalt.

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9. A purple Mr. Sketch marker.

Twitter: @callmefrannyy

10. Money fresh from an ATM.

Twitter: @Carolinas_942

11. Basements.

Twitter: @goldntimelover

12. Old books.

Twitter: @L_ongstory

13. The water at amusement park rides.

Twitter: @DlVlNIUM

14. Chlorine.

Twitter: @BobbixDeville

15. Onions and garlic on your hands after chopping them.

Twitter: @ohkrys

16. These plastic blow things:

Twitter: @snowblvck_

17. Car exhaust on a cold winter's morning.

Twitter: @bitchonarrival

18. Blood.

Twitter: @OneFromBeyonder

19. The tire section at Costco.

Twitter: @belabatko

20. An ice rink.

Twitter: @RestYourBreasts

21. The smoke from a blown out candle.

Twitter: @moodsw1ngsluke

22. Sharpies.

Twitter: @bvnny_blade

23. Amoxicillin.

Twitter: @TeddyWynton

24. Hand sanitizer.

Twitter: @Rollitupk

25. A cat's head.

Twitter: @bigspookyboy

26. A wrist after taking off a watch.

Twitter: @rubeanner

27. Bleach.

Twitter: @Kheumani

28. Gasoline.

Nickelodeon/ Twitter: @babyblveyes_

29. The ground after it rains.

Twitter: @shefontaylor

30. And lastly, dog feet.

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