14 People Who Met Celebrities And Left The Encounter Saying, "What A Piece Of..."

We recently shared a post where the BuzzFeed Community revealed some of the most wholesome celebrity encounters they've ever had.

Zendaya at the 2024 SAG Awards

Unfortunately, they inspired more of our readers to share negative experiences meeting celebrities. Like...some of these are truly disappointing.

Tyler James Williams in "Abbott Elementary"

So, here are some bad, bad, baaaaaddddd encounters "normal" folks have had with famous people:

Note: Some stories were pulled from this Reddit thread by user u/egg_fisting.

Disclaimer: We can't confirm the accuracy of these stories, but some of these people are supposedly speaking from their own experiences meeting celebrities.

1.Dave Coulier

Dave Coulier standing in front of a 'Fuller House' sign, wearing a classic black suit and tie
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

"He's disgusting. I was an assistant manager at a hotel that had an in-house restaurant, and he was staying for a comedy event. He shows up with an entourage of about five people, all men in their late thirties and early forties who behaved like frat boys. One of the hangers-on pulled a 19-year-old server onto his lap. Lots of talk of having sex with 'sluts,' loudly announcing who was 'fuckable,' and asking which club had the best strippers in town. I wanted to toss them out of the hotel but the owner wouldn’t let me. I passed by Dave Coulier later in the hotel hallway. He unsolicitedly offered to take a picture of me, which I declined. 'No, thanks. I’m good, sir.' He suggested I smile more, as my scowl 'ruined my hotness.' He’s disgusting and so is his 'crew.' Just an absolutely dreadful human being."


2.Guy Fieri

Guy Fieri in a chef's outfit, holding a tall stacked burger with multiple layers
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

"I took my daughter to a concert in San Francisco. While waiting in line, Guy Fieri cut in front of us without asking. Jokingly, we told him we would let him cut in line if he allowed us to take a picture. He wasn’t happy with that request and reluctantly took a pic. He wasn’t smiling in the picture. When we went in for the concert, we stood first in line for t-shirts, and again, Guy Fieri cut in front. He received his merchandise for free, and we were told to come back when they opened the stand. Guy Fieri wasn’t friendly at all."


3.Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

"The Situation" in a patterned shirt posing for a photo
Monica Schipper / Getty Images

"I was waitressing at a brand-new restaurant in Las Vegas, and as a reward for all my hard work, the head manager was paying for all the staff to go to a new nightclub in the same hotel. Well, I didn’t get to go because my manager told me a VIP guest was coming in with his friends and he needed me to stay back because I was his strongest server. This was around when Jersey Shore was super popular, and the VIP guest was 'The Situation.' I waited on him and 12 of his friends for three hours until 2 a.m. He was super rude and dismissive, he got a couple thousand dollars comped and DIDN’T TIP A SINGLE DIME (despite being waited on hand and foot and treated like a king). I have forever since called him the 'stiff-uation' to other people. Thanks a lot for ruining what was supposed to be a fun night with my coworkers, bro."



Oprah Winfrey in a sparkling black outfit, smiling at an event
Neilson Barnard / Getty Images for The Recording Academy

"Oprah didn’t tip me on a $200 lunch — instead, she signed a napkin for me and acted like she was doing me a huge favor. The kicker was when she walked in, they gave away all of my other tables so she didn’t have to wait for anything. So I made $4/hour for two hours for the privilege of serving Oprah, and she went on and on about signing a napkin that I never asked for."


5.Sean Penn

Sean Penn speaking at a microphone, wearing a black short-sleeved top, with a leafy backdrop
Amy Sussman / Variety via Getty Images

"Sean Penn came to my job in Beverly Hills before opening, demanding to be let in because he needed something for an event in the afternoon. We let him in, he tried on so much stuff, asked a million questions, and didn’t even buy anything."


6.Coby Dick from Papa Roach

Coby Dick at event wearing leopard print jacket and multiple necklaces
Paul Archuleta / Getty Images

"I was 18 and made it backstage to Ozzfest in 2001. It was a dream come true, and I was lucky enough to sneak in a disposable camera! I met and took pictures with several musicians — everyone was extremely nice. But Coby Dick from Papa Roach was, well, a dick. Even his picture with me shows disgust in his face. I don't want to toot my own horn, but I was a pretty girl with long hair and a crop top, so everyone was flirty and very welcoming."


7.Chevy Chase

Close-up of Chevy Chase with grey hair, wearing glasses and a beige jacket
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

"I saw Chevy Chase at a hotel once as a small 9-year-old, and I loved the National Lampoon's Vacation movies. When I asked for his autograph, he verbally went off on me — when my dad came over, he went off on him. He said something fucked-up, which was my dad wasn't 'raising me right.' The dude is a straight-up jerk."


8.David Spade

David Spade in a black jacket and white shirt, posing for the camera
Steve Granitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

"[My encounter was with] David Spade at the St. Nick's bar in West Hollywood. He literally kicked us all out of the back room so he and his publicist could engineer a paparazzi photo of him supposedly on a date with some starlet. It was interesting to see how that works, though."


9.Lee Ryan from Blue

Lee Ryan in a floral shirt poses for a photo
Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

"I worked reception at an expensive gym, and Lee Ryan from Blue came in a few times. He was an arrogant stuck-up ass who would casually swear during the conversation (I hate it when strangers swear in conversation — it's just rude to me). He acted like his shit didn't stink. I think he wanted me to recognize and mention him, but I didn't bother."


10.Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato wearing a black sequined dress and emerald necklace, looking at the camera
Steve Granitz / FilmMagic / Getty Images

"I’m a photographer, and one of my biggest events starting out was the opportunity to photograph the red carpet at Jingle Ball in 2014. I was 19 at the time, had severe health issues, and had also traveled seven hours from home to photograph the show. Among the chaos of a bunch of photographers packed in the area between the barricade and the stage, I had lost my phone and didn’t notice until we were back in the red carpet room. I immediately started to freak out, and I went into the hallway because I started having a panic attack. I didn't realize that was the hallway the performers used to exit the room, and as I leaned against the wall crying, Demi Lovato walked out and proceeded to give me an extremely dirty look. She seemed disgusted and rolled her eyes as she walked by me, as if I was some devoted fan crying over her [instead of experiencing something traumatic]."


11.Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering in patterned shirt poses at San Diego Comic-Con event
Michael Buckner / Variety via Getty Images

"I used to volunteer for Comic Con and Ian Ziering from the original Beverly Hills, 90210 was there. I always said hello to all the talent and ensured they needed water. Before I could get a word out, he said, 'Do you work here?' and I said 'I'm a volunteer.' 'Great, can you tell them to announce my name right? It’s 'eye-an,' not 'eee-an,' then turned away. I saw him later at an after-party and decided to say hello. He rolled his eyes and walked away."


12.Nick Lachey

Nick Lachey in a leather jacket and white shirt with a necklace, standing before a promotional backdrop
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

"I was managing a sandwich shop in college near Nick Lachey's home, and he and his (genuinely really nice) wife would come in from time to time. We'd usually comp his order since the entire shopping plaza would instantly show up and stack a line out the door and around the corner. But, he never tipped us — he even elbowed his wife when she tried to — and he never looked at anyone or said hi to them the entire time he was at the restaurant."


13.Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant in a black tuxedo and bow tie smiling at the camera
Karwai Tang / WireImage / Getty Images

"I met a lot of celebrities while working for an airline, one of them being Hugh Grant. One time, he sat in First Class 1A on a 747 (which is right in the nose of the plane), so there was nothing but a wall in front of the seat. It's standard procedure for the cabin manager to go around to every first-class passenger and personally introduce themselves. When my manager got to Hugh, the conversation went something like this: Manager: 'Hello, Mr. Grant, my name is...' Hugh: 'Oh, FUCK OFF.' My manager proceeded to swiftly move on."


14.And finally, John Mayer

John Mayer sits wearing a blazer over a tee, hands clasped in a TV show setting
Bravo / Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

"EASILY John Mayer — I met him at an awards show over 10 years ago, and he would not stop quoting a sexist joke from South Park. Everybody around him just laughed awkwardly — every word out of his mouth was a mean and sarcastic joke I was supposed to find funny, but ultimately didn't. I distinctly remember he made another joke that was really off-putting, and I was like, 'Dude...' and he responded with, 'Oh, come on — don't be a butthead.' He called me a butthead because I didn't laugh at his cruel joke."


Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.