People Are Revealing The Most "Regular" Thing Their Partner Ever Did That They Actually Found Extremely Hot

If you've ever had a crush on someone or been in a relationship, you may fully understand how certain little behaviors or mannerisms can be an instant turn-on. Think: a person rolling up their sleeves or getting incredibly passionate about a certain hobby.

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So when Reddit user u/thann3 asked: "What is the weirdest thing your partner did that turned you on?" I thought I would share their responses. Here's what they said below:

1."We had our honeymoon in Italy, and he noticed the waitstaff poured wine really beautifully, so he replicated it. Now I have him pour all my drinks for me, and for some reason, the way his wrist moves when he pours really gets me going."

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2."I was dating a girl in high school. We were hanging out at her house one afternoon. Her family was there, and we were all just chilling and talking. She got up to go to the kitchen, and as she walked by behind me, she lightly ran her fingernails across the back of my neck. To this day, when a girl does that to me, it's an instant erection for me."


"I used to get my hair cut by a woman who did this. Insta-wood."


3."Before we were a couple, my wife was showing me photos of a trip to Australia. There was one where she was wearing a bright blue stinger suit (a full-body wetsuit that protects against poisonous jellyfish). She was the sexiest ocean Smurf I’ve ever seen."

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4."I dated a woman in my early 20s who I used to talk to on the phone pretty regularly. I remember the first time that I heard her sigh over the phone, it blew my mind how much that turned me on. That was 25 years ago, and I still think about it."


5."A girl I had a crush on in high school did something similar. I hung out at her place one time and finally got to see her room. Her door was covered in lyrics or quotes, and she was a bit embarrassed by it. It was likely popular enough music we liked at that age. I kind of jokingly said, 'I was gonna read all of it.' She tried to push me back jokingly, and we toppled slightly instead. Then she paused and said, 'Wait…I can hear your heartbeat.' I held her closer as she stayed and listened. I always felt I wasn’t good enough for her, so maybe that’s why we never ended up dating."

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6."I had a girlfriend once who was a bit hyper, and she had quite poor knowledge of boundaries, not that it bothered me. One time, we ran up this hill together, and she just out of the blue grabbed my hand and made me feel her heartbeat. I've never felt more in love than that moment."


7."My boyfriend rolled up his sleeves kind of slowly the other day, and I felt like I couldn’t hear anything for, like, a solid minute."

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8."She was studying for her CPA exam at the time and drove to the library from a night shift. Usually, she comes home around noon and sleeps. I was at home studying for an exam, and she sent me a text around 9 a.m. that she was coming home and wanted me to fuck the shit out of her. I almost failed that exam."


9."Sitting in the car while my gas pumped and he started to wash my windshield unprompted."

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10."We were mid-coitus, and I couldn’t focus because I heard the kids arguing downstairs, so she cupped her hands around my ears so tight I couldn’t hear a thing and gave me intense eye contact. I 'focused' right away. LOL."


11."Two things: When he's working on something mechanical and he starts getting serious, he'll flip his cap backward. It's an absent-minded thing, and FUCK is it sexy. And when he's working overhead, the way his arms flex. Watching him lift things into our attic is an instant turn-on. It's fucking weird, but god DAMN does it do it for me. Also, when I wear something sexy or low cut, and he's not expecting it, he'll stutter if he's mid-sentence. We'll be talking from different rooms for instance, and I'll toss on a revealing shirt and walk in there, and he'll lose his train of thought or shake his head like he needs to clear it. Your man making you feel sexy is the ultimate sexy move."

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12."He put on my polar bear onesie."


13."Driving. I don't know why. Don’t ask. But watching my partner drive makes me wanna rip his clothes off."

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14."This man will make the corniest joke in the whole world, and then his whole face lights up as he giggles at it. It gets me every time."


15."He once took my hands and steered for me while we were playing Mario Kart. That really did something for me."

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16."She picked me up, threw me on her bed, then handcuffed me to the frame."


17."I had my nails done, so opening soda cans was a real struggle. I had a Sprite, and I asked if he could open it for me, and he one-handedly popped it open. I don’t know why, but that caused my brain to go BRRRR."

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Did your current or ex-partner ever do something "weird" that instantly turned you on? If so, tell us what it was and why in the comments below.