28 Major Best Friend Betrayals That Destroyed Friendships Forever

28 Major Best Friend Betrayals That Destroyed Friendships Forever

Reddit user u/NotAUserJustAReader recently asked, "What was the worst thing your friend did that completely ruined your friendship?" The thread quickly filled with stories of heartbreak, betrayal, and backstabbing. Here's what people shared about their worst friendship breakups:

1."I had a whole friend group who hated me (I didn't know that, obviously). One year, they all said they were coming to my birthday party. I kept getting texts from these friends individually, saying things like, 'On my way!' and, 'Be there soon.' But, in reality, they all met up with each other and were making fun of me the whole time. They also texted others that the party was canceled or not to show up and hang with them instead."


2."She tried playing footsie with my other best friend's husband under the table at a nice dinner. She was visiting me for a week, and this was their first meeting. I didn't find out until about a week after she'd left. Her behavior that entire visit had been hellish, but it wasn't until she slighted my best friend that I decided to cut her off completely. That was seven years of friendship down the drain, but I was relieved to be done with her antics!"


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3."I found out they were telling friends and family that I didn't attend their wedding because I 'got fat' and was too embarrassed to come. In reality, it was during COVID, and they were open about the fact that their family was anti-vax and anti-mask. Considering I'd be traveling five hours by plane from a big city, I didn't want to be blamed if their rural wedding became a superspreader event. They seemed understanding when I told them I wasn't comfortable attending four months before their big day. Clearly, that was not the case."


4."She asked my boyfriend (whom she thought I'd broken up with days prior) to meet her for a drink. What's worse is I had called her that day. My car broke down, and I needed her help. She said she would contact me when she was back in town. Not only did she not call or text, she messaged my boyfriend to hang out with her. I told her off the second I found out, and it still hurts me to this day. She called it a 'misunderstanding.' I was very close with her entire family. I knew about her and how shady she was, but I wanted to believe she wouldn't betray me since we were so close."


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5."He stole from me after my parents were kind enough to let him live with us on two separate occasions for several months when we were teenagers after his mom kicked him out. During the second stint living with us, he left to go live with his dad in another state while we were out of town and stole a bunch of my stuff, including things that were locked up. Only he and I knew where the key was since we shared a room."


6."Being a single mom, I hadn’t seen my good friend in months. We planned a night out, so I hired a babysitter and drove an hour to my friend's home. My friend was half an hour late, and when she arrived, she was with her married boyfriend, and she said she had to get something for him. She went into the bedroom with him and closed the door. I heard giggling and laughing. I left. Not like I was paying a babysitter so I could sit alone in her apartment while she had sex with a married guy!"


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7."He made a pass at my wife. I chinned him and haven't spoken to him in almost three years."


8."I lent him $10k over time. He promised to pay me back, but it's been three years. Every time I ask for the money back, he makes excuses like, 'Fine, I won't eat!' or 'Guess I can't pay for my mortgage,' or 'You're ruining my mental health asking for your money back!' Hard lesson learned."


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9."We were close and did everything together, even when I got pregnant. Then I had my son, and she never came and met him. I thought maybe she was busy. Six weeks later, I ran into her at the mall while I had my son with me. She talked to me for about five minutes and didn't even acknowledge my son. I knew then that we were done. I haven't spoken to her since."


10."She decided five seconds before my wedding ceremony that she no longer wanted to be my maid of honor, or even in the wedding, after an argument with a couple of my other bridesmaids. She was the only one not ready and threw a fit about the cupcakes being displayed weirdly, so a couple of the other girls were like, 'Okay, fix them then.' She slammed the door and threw a whole temper tantrum in front of my husband and his groomsmen, who were hanging out before the ceremony began. It was wild, and we haven't spoken since. We went to high school together and texted and hung out regularly, too, so throwing away a friendship over something that silly was pretty sad."


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11."She invited the guy who cheated on me and the girl he cheated with to have dinner at her house."


12."My then-girlfriend and I were going through a rough patch. My best friend (at the time) was acting as the go-between, keeping things civil between us. But, we came to realize later that he was lying to both of us and deliberately kept us from each other."


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13."She knew I was struggling to afford everything to be in her destination wedding. She asked the other wedding party members if they wanted to share an Airbnb to save money, but I was left out and expected to get my own rental. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid, so I texted her and told her I would not be coming. It ended up being the last time I talked to her."


14."She would regularly lie and manipulate me. She told me the guy I was in love with liked me back, which was not the case. She ended up dating him. Needless to say, I cut off contact as soon as I could. They dated for about four years. When I learned they broke up, I almost bought a bottle of champagne."


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15."After a breakup, she went to a church that recruits. One Sunday, she texted me about the good news and then tried to save me from homosexuality, and then degraded my beliefs."


16."As a teenager, she found my diary at my birthday party and proceeded to read it aloud to everyone in the room. As an adult, she started a relationship with the guy she knew I had a huge crush on and then asked me for advice on how to break up with him eight weeks later when she got bored. She actually asked me to proofread the breakup email she was going to send him."


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17."She was a friend for 20 years, and we lived together for almost a decade. She lied about everything for years. I found out about the lies one night when her boyfriend told me I was the problem in their relationship. I asked what he meant. We went down the rabbit hole. She had been lying to me about him and lying to him about me. She lied about things that happened with our families, her exes, our other friends, and my pets. It was like pulling a thread on a sweater, and boy did it unravel. Some of the things she lied about were weird and trivial, but others were horribly manipulative and cruel."


18."I made my son's middle name his last name. Then, I went on vacation to New Orleans with him and the mother of my child, only to walk in on them sleeping together in the hotel... It turns out they had been sexting each other for over six months and planned the whole thing, thinking I was going to be too drunk to notice. I considered him more like a brother to me than my own brothers for over 14 years. Needless to say, I got my son's middle name legally changed after that."


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19."He stole from me on my birthday. I put all the money people gifted me that day in one place. He visited me, gifted me a single candy, grabbed all the money there, and quietly walked away, thinking I wouldn't notice."


20."She maintained a friendship with my ex-husband behind my back, without ever mentioning it to me, while I treated her like a friend and confidante. I talked to her about my feelings and how much I was struggling with the divorce and my ex's treatment of me. Her words were, 'I know he's done some shitty things to you, but he's always been a good friend to ME.' She's kind of a pick-me girl who has a lot of self-loathing, especially in regards to her appearance, and my ex was slightly above averagely attractive. He essentially just transferred his need for someone else's emotional labor from me to her, and that's how she usually ingratiated herself socially. The whole thing was gross, but I'm glad I saw her true colors. Sometimes you just outgrow people, and it sucks."


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21."He showed me lewd pictures of the girl who I'd just broken up with. She sent it to him in an attempt to make me jealous. He kept asking for more. So, her plan worked. I was jealous at the time, but I never talked to either of them again."


22."She texted me that she wasn't coming to my wedding the morning of because her sitter canceled. I'm not sure why her husband couldn't watch the kids for a couple of hours. I moved out of state shortly after, and a few months after that, she contacted me saying she was in town and wanted to get dinner. Why was she in town, you ask? For a wedding."


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23."We had been best friends for five years. We met while traveling and lived together, worked together, adventured together, and endured lockdown together. I even supported her through a tough medical issue she went through and comforted her for nearly a full year after her six-month relationship ended, and she was devastated. At the end of last year, I went through a breakup (which ended a three-year relationship), and at the same time, medical negligence left me with nerve damage. I was in agony both physically and mentally, and I genuinely felt suicidal and was unsure if I would ever recover. I'm still healing. I tried my hardest to reach out to friends and family for support (I also got myself a therapist for the suicidal part). My friend ignored me for months. She was aware of everything I was going through."

"When we finally spoke, she told me she couldn't fix my problems for me, and she didn't know what I wanted from her. I told her I just needed a friend to talk to, not to fix anything, and she scoffed. When we next spoke two months later, she told me my stress was bringing her down. We haven't spoken since. The disappointment has been as heartbreaking as my breakup, and I'm still reeling from her callousness. It has devastated me."


24."He told my ex I cheated on him (I hadn't), then slept with him."


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25."My ex-best friend was trying to help me through a rough and sudden breakup with my girlfriend of three years. A few weeks later, he sent me a picture of her lying on his chest with this explanation: 'Everyone thought we were getting together, so we just decided to.' That started to put a lot of things in perspective for me."


26."I always put the effort in, both in initiating conversation and trying to make plans. I'd often see them read my messages, but it would take hours or even days to reply. So, one day, I decided to stop and wait to see how long it would take for them to message me first. It happened about two weeks later when they asked me for a lift to work. I said my car was in for service (it wasn't), and there's been nothing ever since."


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27."She was my maid of honor. She told one of my bridesmaids my marriage wouldn't last while planning my wedding, all because she was jealous I got engaged and married before she got engaged (she'd been with her partner longer)."


28.And: "He constantly canceled hang-outs or left them early whenever his girlfriends wanted him to, but he expected me to follow through on plans and would get upset if I canceled. When I called him out on this, he said guys should always be understanding with matters of girlfriends, so I should get over my frustration (dodging the point about the double standard). He also outed me as bi to a girl because he was upset that she was into me rather than him."

"When I got engaged, he was bitter about me being less available for things and then invited me to a dinner party with a bunch of people where he and his partner essentially ambushed me and called me out in front of everyone. They belittled me, called me 'whipped,' and grilled me while everyone in the room weighed in. This led to a huge fight, which caused a fracture in the friendship, and we never really recovered. Eventually, we had a friend breakup."


Ouch, friend breakups are the worst! Even when they're unfortunately necessary, they still really hurt. Have you ever broken up with a friend? What was your final straw? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form!

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