PEOPLE Pep Talks

PEOPLE Pep Talks, presented by e.l.f., are the motivational moments with superstars in all fields designed to give you the boost you need, when you most need it



In need of a confidence boost or an extra dose of motivation. You're in the right place. We've tapped some of the top people in their field, from actors and comedians to athletes and beauty pro, to share the words that keep them upbeat and focused when the chips are down.

Some incredible superstars across sports and entertainment, including Billie Jean King, HIlary Knight and Sofia Huerta give their insights into how to stay motivated, shake off a loss, get yourself pumped and ultimately be an all-around champ, from their experience on and off the field.

So whether you’re going on an interview, taking on a daunting task, getting ready for a date or just not feeling your best, these talks will help you #GoPepYourelf.

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