15 Unexpected Side Effects People Experienced After Giving Birth That They Wish Were Talked About More

Recently, Reddit user u/LilMoonenciel asked, "What's a side effect of giving birth that doesn't get talked about?"

Woman in hospital bed holds a newborn baby, a medical professional assists. (Characters from a TV show)

People started sharing the side effects they experienced postpartum, and I was wildly surprised. Here's what they had to share:

1."Major hormone stuff afterward. Feelings and changes in your body you’ve never experienced for the first year after. If you have an underlying mental illness or autoimmune condition…buckle up, girl."


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2."After the birth, I started trembling because all my hormones were out of wack. That really scared me until the nurse told me it was normal."


3."The very first time I stood up after childbirth, all my innards went 'SLOOSH' downward back into place."


4."I would have loved a heads up about the likelihood and treatment of hemorrhoids before I had a whole new human to keep alive."


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5."Broken tailbones. Apparently, that’s common, and it sure wasn’t in What to Expect When You're Expecting."


6."Hair loss can happen."


7."A friend of mine had a baby. She was perfectly healthy before the baby. Post-baby, she got diabetes. Apparently, that's a thing that can happen."


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8."Your feet can grow during pregnancy and might never return back to that size after childbirth."


9."If you tear during the birth, you’ll feel like you’re pissing acid for weeks afterward. I somehow tore my labia having my first child, and I can’t even describe the pain when peeing afterwards for weeks."


10."My wife's change in hormones got rid of her frequent migraines. She had them her whole life, and she hasn't really had any in the five years since our first was born."


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11."You might experience urinary incontinence for two years afterwards."


12."Gum or teeth issues are a possibility. A lot of people’s insurance plans cover an extra cleaning while pregnant. You should check with your policy and take advantage if you can."


13."You might feel like you're dying during your first bowel movement afterward. It felt like my entire pelvic floor was going to separate from my body and leave me for all time."


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14."I no longer had seasonal allergies or debilitating stomach pains after times of stress. I don't know if that is a thing for other people’s pregnancies, but it was a nice little perk for me."


15.And lastly, "Sprained wrists and ankles are very common. Towards the end of pregnancy, your body produces a hormone called relaxin that allows your ligaments and tendons to stretch further so your hip bones can move to allow the baby to pass through."


What are some other side effects you experienced after giving birth that people rarely talk about? Let us know in the comments.