People divided over new pickles in Dr Pepper trend at Sonic

People divided over new pickles in Dr Pepper trend at Sonic

Pickles are no longer just a snack to munch on or a topping for burgers – they’re now a desirable soda garnish dividing the internet.

The tangy, vinegar-soaked cucumbers are typically added to sandwiches or eaten straight from the jar. However, a new online trend proves pickles are enjoyed inside a nice cold Dr Pepper, too.

TikTok user Mississippi Memaw led the movement in the sweet and salty concoction when she posted a video of her beverage of choice at Sonic. In a 1 May video, she sat in the parking lot of the fast-food chain to order her unusual mixture.

“I need to get a large Dr Pepper with pickles,” the TikToker asked. The woman taking her order didn’t question the request.

Once her beverage arrived, Mississippi Memaw flipped the camera around to show her audience what it looked like. Inside the cup, seeded pickles were seen floating on top of each other between ice cubes.

She said: “So, this right here is a pickle Dr Pepper. So it’s Dr Pepper with dill pickle slices in it. And don’t knock it until you try it.”

Mississippi Memaw acknowledged the fact that many probably thought the combination was gross. However, she also noted that people do drink it and used her restaurant attendant’s unbothered reaction as an example of how normalized it was.

Commenters were intrigued by her drink but thought their Sonic workers would think it was a disturbing order.

“I got to try this at home because the way my Sonic would call the police on me,” one woman joked, while another added: “The way she didn’t even flinch when you ordered it! My people would not get it!”

“I love Dr Pepper with some pickle juice! I’m from Oklahoma,” a third viewer wrote.

A brave tester admitted: “Just made myself some, it weirdly doesn’t taste weird at all. No combined taste… just pickles and Dr Pepper.”

“I have worked for Sonic for over 20 years and I have never gotten a customer that has ordered a pickle Dr Pepper,” an opposer confessed.

The Independent has contacted Mississippi Memaw for a comment.

Several interested individuals flocked to the Sonic location near them to dry the pickle Dr Pepper.

TikTok user @That40yearguy tried it in his 14 May post. “This is the weirdest thing I have ever ordered,” he confessed. But after one sip, he was hooked. “That’s actually not bad at all,” he declared.

On Reddit, however, people expressed their distaste for the concoction. “Straight to jail,” one harsh critic said. A second remarked: “It’s an abomination.”

Speaking to Today, a representative for Sonic said the franchise had seen a notable rise in the number of people ordering a “Dr Pepper Pucker”.

“With thousands of unique ways to customize your drink at Sonic, we are no stranger to seeing our fans create fun and unexpected flavor combinations,” they told the outlet. “The addition of pickle slices was a new one though, and we’ve seen an increase in guests adding them to their drinks over the past week.

“While the ‘Dr Pepper Pucker’ is not an official drink on Sonic’s menu, we appreciate and encourage the creativity,” the representative continued. “And who knows… if your drink innovation is popular enough, it might just end up on our menu!”