33 "Unspeakable" Sexual Fantasies That People Anonymously And Publicly Revealed

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their "unspeakable" sexual fantasies. Here are the wild and interesting results.

Sex between consenting adults can be a super fun, funny, and even weird experience, but it's also a totally healthy and normal part of life. This is a judgment-free zone, so enjoy learning about other people's deepest desires.

1."I want to have sex with my father-in-law. I’m a man, and the only person who knows I’m bi is my wife because I share everything with her. Well, everything except for the fact that I want to blow her dad."


Zendaya, Mike Faist, and Josh O'Connor kissing in the trailer for "Challengers"

2."I want a masked man (like Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th or Ghostface from Scream) to tease me and chase me around a haunted house. If he catches me, he can do anything sexual that he wants to do to me."


3."I'd want to have sex with myself. Like, another version of me from a different universe. Before you say anything, no, I'm not attracted to other men. But I'd never let down an opportunity to sleep with myself...literally."


The character sleeping with himself in "The Time Traveler's Wife"

4."I'm so freaking turned on by werewolves and the idea of scenting (think True Blood and The Vampire Diaries). Like, in my fantasy I'm human and my partner is a werewolf, and other werewolves can smell his scent on me and know I'm taken. I want to be a mate for a werewolf who's super possessive over me. Then when we have sex he'll be super into it and growl or howl. That'd be so hot."


5."I want to be bound and gagged while all of my ticklish spots are mercilessly tickled by a group of naked women."


Salma Hayek tying up Channing Tatum in the recent "Magic Mike" movie
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6."My biggest fantasy would be to come home one night and find my girlfriend being bent over the dining room table by a really hot, muscly man with a 10-inch, girthy dick. They'd see me, but they wouldn't even stop. She'd tell me to come and watch her having sex, and she'd tell me to take off my clothes and put on a sexy pair of white stockings with a matching thong. Then she'd open her legs and have me bury my tongue in her. While doing so I'd start to taste the other guy's load inside her, and she'd tell me to lift my butt up and spread my legs. Before I'd realize what she was saying, the beautiful man would come behind me and push my body down and grab a hold of my hips and start thrusting his entire shaft inside of me as deep as I could take it."


7."I'm into size fantasies. My ultimate dream is to somehow be shrunk down to a mere three inches tall, and I'm basically kept as a cute, little pet by a nice woman. In particular, I just love the thought of being held in her now-giant hands."


A character shrinking his size in "The Boys"
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8."I'm a straight woman. My biggest fantasy is to be in a committed relationship with a bisexual guy who likes to share other guys with me, sometimes more than one at a time. Pretty much the hottest thing I can imagine is getting eaten out by my guy while he's getting pounded."


9."I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really want to use a strap-on with my husband. I identify as a hetero, cisgender woman. He's a hetero, cisgender man. He'll never go for it though."


Ryan Reynolds' character getting pegged in "Deadpool"

10."I'm a home health aide and have a patient who I mutually flirt with. He happens to be a quadriplegic, and he's so good-looking. I have a fantasy about sitting on his face."


11."In my fantasy I'm Superman, and I have kryptonite poisoning. Wonder Woman finds me unresponsive in bed and nurses me back to health over a couple of days. This propels us into a loving and committed relationship with a lot of steamy sex."


Henry Cavill shirtless in "Man of Steel"
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12."My fantasy is that my girlfriend and I would swap bodies (like in Freaky Friday), and then we'd have hot, passionate sex."


13."My fantasy is to be blindfolded and handcuffed and teased until I'm begging to come. Then I want the handcuffs removed while I'm put in a sex swing. I want multiple people to give me oral and then tie me to a bed and have them test toys on me."


A handcuff scene in "50 Shades of Grey"
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14."Honestly, I just want to have rough sex while a guy sings 'Style' by Taylor Swift to me."


15."Okay, so, y'all know Mary Poppins, right? She's 100% a gentle dom, and she's fine as hell. I want her to order me around in the bedroom and scold me. She's got a little bit of a drill sergeant to her, but in that proper English governess way. I want that in my sex life. I want Mary Poppins in my sex life."


Mary Poppins in "Mary Poppins"

16."My fantasy is to be pinned down and for my partner to just take what he wants. Like, one time I was teasing him by not letting him kiss me, and he held my hands above my head and had me kiss him. It was the hottest thing. Thinking about it now is driving me wild. I'd also love for him to come in me, but we really don't need a kid right now, so even though I'm on the pill I still have him pull out."


17."I want to have sex inside the Hogwarts Castle, preferably while the ghosts watch in shame. The thought alone makes me excited."


Headless Nick in "Harry Potter"
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18."I'm a straight man. My fantasy is to have hot sex with a woman who teases my body a bunch. Then, after I finish inside of her, she gets off of me and makes me eat my cum from inside of her."


19."I'm 28, a woman, and straight. I want one guy to penetrate me while another lays on top of me and we both 69. I want him to occasionally lick the other guy's penis, but mostly they're both there to pleasure me. But they would both have to be guys who I have feelings for. I'm definitely aroused by my emotions, so it wouldn't work if I just hired someone I didn't know, even if they were really hot."


A kiss from "Bridgerton"

20."I have a fantasy of being the entertainment for a bachelorette party. Not in the usual way though. Most of the time I am completely naked, except when one of the bridesmaids wants a chance to strip my clothes off. I want to serve as a living, breathing sex toy, and they'll have free reign with my body. In my dreams they'd have me stretched out on a bar with my butt near the edge, and I'm tied into place. My legs would be dangling completely off the bar, and two women would spread my legs as far as possible. One by one, they'd do whatever they wanted to my penis and balls. Then they'd spend the rest of the party using my naked body for more sex games. Every part of me would be completely in their power to do whatever they wanted."


21."I want someone (of any gender) to use a stethoscope on me so they can listen to my heart while they make me come."


Carey Mulligan dressed as a nurse in "Promising Young Woman"
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22."I'm 22, straight, and a guy. My fantasy is to have my dick locked up in a chastity cage while I'm forced to watch a lot of porn and use a dildo on myself for a week straight. So I'd be SUPER horny, shaking, and desperate to come. Then I'd go to a house and let a group of trans women absolutely wreck me. I'm talking heavy stuff: Two dicks in my butt at once, fists, pee, massive toys, slapping, dressing me up, and so on. Then, after five hours of this, they'd kick me out, and I'd have to go home, still caged up."


23."I've always had a fantasy of being naked in a bar and having several men line up to all take turns eating me out."


Michael Fassbender licking his fingers in a bar in "Shame"
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24."I really want to drink milk from my partner's boobs."


25."My fantasy revolves around cake smashing. I'd get a dozen cakes, and my partner and I would naked-wrestle while smashing cake on each other until we're both so horny that we can't hold back anymore. Trust me, there's nothing better than a little frosting fellatio. Vanilla, chocolate, buttercream, red velvet, whatever you fancy. It gets me all worked up just thinking about it. Just don't forget the milk, if you know what I mean."


Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine kissing in "Red, White, and Royal Blue"
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26."I'm a lesbian. I want to have sex with someone who's nine months pregnant with twins. The bigger, the better."


27."You know, I've always thought about being in a foreign country and meeting a woman who didn't speak a bit of English, and I wouldn't know her language either, but we'd hit it off and have passionate sex without being able to say or understand a single word from each other."


Two character hooking up in the K-Drama "My Name"

28."Tentacles have honestly always been my go-to 'never gonna happen' fantasy. I just like the idea of being restrained and taken by something that's much stronger than me, and I guess there's a bit of an attraction to the supernatural there too."


29."In my fantasy I'm committed to a sex asylum where I'm locked in chastity and tickled nonstop by hot women and machines."


A character handcuffed to the bed in "Promising Young Woman"
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30."I want to become the servant of a woman who can brainwash me with only her juice. The more you drink, the deeper the trance. By the end, I'd just be a brainless himbo who's ready to be used."


31."I want to be able to turn a woman into a cat so I can pet her and cuddle her as a cat, but then I'd turn her back into a human and sleep with her."


Zoe Kravitz as Cat Woman in "The Batman"
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32."My fantasy involves 12 men. Eleven of them would clean my house and care for my children. The 12th man would be my husband, and he'd cuddle me and kiss my neck and then destroy my insides. I'd probably take a bath with candles after. Sigh."


33.And finally: "My biggest sexual fantasy is that someone pays all my debt and then leaves me alone."


A gay kissing scene in the TV show "Interview with a Vampire"

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity, and some are from this Reddit thread because they were too interesting to ignore.