People Are Just Learning What Argentine Pizza Is After Lionel Messi Posted A Picture Of It: "That Is The Worst Pizza I Have Ever Seen"

Lionel Messi is currently an MLS player for Inter Miami in Florida.

  Leonardo Fernandez / Getty Images
Leonardo Fernandez / Getty Images

The other night, he caused a shitstorm when he posted a picture of a pizza he was eating...

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This was that pizza:

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SO many people said it was the worst pizza they had seen in their entire lives.

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From "Forget pineapple on pizza, we need to unite against this crap"...

@leomessi/ Twitter: @ujjwalmohindra "This pizza makes me want to commit crimes."

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This thing has divided people!

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But it's also a learning lesson.

  Megan Briggs / Getty Images
Megan Briggs / Getty Images

You see, this is what Argentine pizza is, and Messi is from Argentina.

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According to the Wander-Argentina, "An original Buenos Aires pizza is ‘fugazza.’ It’s focaccia-like dough topped with an abundance of caramelized onions and sometimes a little Parmesan and a few slices of red bell peppers."

El Continental/ Twitter: @Cholito1903

So, yep, he was obviously excited for some pizza that reminded him of home.

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And it seems like Messi posting the pizza pic has helped the restaurant in Miami where he got it from.

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Soooo, would you try it?

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