People Revealed The Embarrassing Moments They've Never Gotten Over, And They're Hilariously Humanizing

We recently covered a Reddit thread about people's embarrassing encounters. We also received a ton of BuzzFeed users' embarrassing stories, which inspired this post. We then got even more hysterical and cringeworthy stories from users that we couldn't resist sharing. So, please enjoy even more embarrassing content:

1."I was on a lunch date with a guy I'd been seeing casually during work hours. I was wearing a white button-up and a pencil skirt. The area we ate in had a small step down as you left. I forgot about it and tripped but kept it together for a few steps. When I finally lost my balance, it was onto another table's food, which I basically fully face/chest planted into. Diners, servers, my date, and managers all came running to see if I was okay. I just ran away as fast as possible, yelling, 'I'm fine!' over my shoulder. I called out for the rest of the day. I never did get the stains out of that shirt, lol."


2."I was helping a teen boy find a book in the library where I worked. While I was leading him to the stacks, my (used) pad slipped out of my underwear and onto the floor (I was wearing a skirt) directly in front of his walking path. He tried to avoid stepping on it but wasn't quick enough. I'm sure he's still in therapy."


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3."Omg. I received a back massage at the spa and had a blowout on the table. I can never show my face there again. I have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, so I cannot ever know if or when this will occur."


4."I took my two young boys, ages 3 and 5, to the grocery store to pick up a few dinner items and give their mother, my wife, a break. The 3-year-old was in the toddler seat in the shopping cart, while the 5-year-old rode in the cart proper. I had to pass gas as we headed down an empty aisle (no other shoppers). I passed it silently and continued walking through the aisle. I quickly realized I needed to return to the aisle I'd just left to pick up an item. Several women had entered that aisle with their shopping carts by this point. Halfway into the aisle, the 5-year-old sits up, sniffs the ambient air, and shouts, 'Dad? You farted!' I shushed him and quietly told him it wasn't me. He stood up in the cart, turned around to look at me, and declared, 'No, Dad! I KNOW you farted! It smells just like yours!' Needless to say, I was mortified. I couldn't make eye contact with the women in that aisle. I quickly headed to the checkout stands!"


Person pushing a shopping cart by a well-stocked grocery store produce section with various fruits, vegetables, and packaged goods on display
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5."I had a blind date, and we decided to meet at a restaurant. We got there, said our pleasantries, then sat down for lunch. I had the salad bar, so I made my salad and returned to the table where he awaited his order. I noticed he kept looking at my boobs, it was getting really annoying, so I took a quick glance to see what was so interesting. Apparently, on my way back from the salad bar, I had accidentally dipped one of them in my dressing, so I had ranch dressing and sunflower seeds hanging there! I said something like, 'I can't take them anywhere.' That was our only date."


6."Years ago, my husband and I stopped at a gas station for coffee. I reached for something, and a packet of sugar fell into the open cup of an older gentleman next to me. Without thinking, I reached my hand INTO HIS CUP OF COFFEE, grabbed the sugar packet, apologized, finished my cup, and went on my way. I did not realize this disgusting thing I did until almost a full month later when the replay randomly came back to me. I still die inside when I think of it."


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7."I was the world's worst waitress, and I think these are my top three worst moments. First, I'd just given a lovely couple their meals and gone to get them another round of drinks. As I approached them, I lost control of the tray, and both glasses went flying, landed on their table, and smashed all over them and their meals. I don't think I've ever apologized profusely in my life! Second, I was carrying two bowls of soup on a silver tray. The restaurant layout was such that you walked through the main restaurant, out to the bar, turned into a corridor where the front door was, and then went upstairs to the table I was taking the soup to. I was so paranoid about spilling the soup that I was just staring at the bowls. I missed the fact I needed to turn a corner to head up the stairs and walked straight into a wall; not only did both bowls of soup go all over me, but I walked so fast into the wall that I smashed my face on it and gave myself a nosebleed!"

"I knew I looked an absolute show, covered in soup and blood, so the only thing I could think to do was walk out the front door to avoid the main dining room! I went around the building to the back gate that was locked and had to pound for several minutes until my boss opened up and just laughed his arse off at the state of me.

Lastly, I managed to spray cream all over myself (I was wearing all black, too), the walls, and the floor of this private dining room. Luckily, none of the customers were hit, but they were howling at my incredible clumsiness. How I was never fired is beyond me. I think they kept me around for the comedy value."


8."We were on a flight home from a European trip with a group of medical doctor colleagues and close friends. We were seated near the middle of the airplane, around 75 to 100 feet from the restroom my husband had to visit. He returned shortly, dragging 75 to 100 feet of toilet paper hooked into his trousers. Our friends and I couldn't control our laughter, which he didn't understand. When he realized what had happened, he was mortified."

"Earlier on the trip, in Denmark, eight of us were seated around a table when the waiter offered us cheese. The stench was awful, so seven of us said no thank you. However, my husband, whose sense of smell must have been damaged, eagerly took a piece. His taste buds were functioning because he gagged and began to vomit as he put it in his mouth, clear proof that the majority rules."


Toilet paper rolls and sheets scattered around with a small coffee cup on a wooden surface
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9."I was working for a doctor on a day when he didn't have office hours. The job was beyond my knowledge, so things were tense. At the time, I was dating a guy, and answering machines were just starting to be used. I goofed off and decided I wanted to hear my voice saying the guy's name and the words 'I love you,' so I recorded it on the office answering machine. I thought I erased it after playback, but I hadn't. A patient called that evening with an emergency and got that message instead of the doctor's name. Thankfully, the doctor was kind and knew I needed the job, but later, I was let go because I was wrong for the job. I felt so humiliated for being childish."


10."As I was leaving my dentist's office, he leaned in to open the door for me. I didn't realize that's what he was doing, so I panicked and kissed him on the cheek (an appropriate form of greeting in my country for friends/family, not your freaking dentist). We stood there confused for a few seconds, and then I fled. It took me a long time to find the courage to get my teeth checked again."


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11."In middle school, I was at this New Year's Eve party, and even though I was anxious, it was going great...until I walked across the dance floor. The boy I had the biggest crush on (and who was, hands down, the coolest person in our school) was dancing with someone. Just as I passed behind him, his hand flung back, and his finger WENT UP MY NOSE. We locked eyes, and he looked horrified as he realized what had happened. He tried to laugh it off, but I could tell he was disgusted, and I just wanted to evaporate on the spot. I'm a full-grown adult and still get secondhand embarrassment for my middle school self."


12."I was at a bar with a dance floor with colleagues for someone's birthday. It's fairly popular and gets crowded on weekends by people of all ages, mostly college/university students. This cute guy was chatting me up and excused himself to use the bathroom. He came out in excited shock, saying he had just seen an old dude doing it against the wall with a younger girl. A few minutes later, he pointed out the 'couple.' It was one of my bosses and a colleague. There are 30 years between them, and he's married to someone else. So, when the couple came to stand beside me and our group, the cute looked at me, puzzled. I introduced them and told him that he was my boss. The cute guy got really uncomfortable and walked away from me."


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13."About eight years ago, I was dropping off a bottle of wine as a housewarming gift for my friend and his girlfriend for their new apartment. Her son greeted me at the door. Behind him, his mom casually exited from the bathroom, which was in front of the door. She had just showered and did not know the front door was open. I saw WAY more of her than I expected. She was very red in the face."


14."When I was in high school, we had to take those yearly big tests that covered all the subjects (TAKS Test is what it was called). I finished early, returned to my desk, and put my head down. I was in the middle of the classroom, and it was dead silent, except for the scratching of pencils. I fell asleep and woke myself up with a fart. A fart. In a silent class. And I woke myself up with it! I sat up as soon as I farted, which made people giggle even more. So that's a fun memory."


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15."One night, I went to my old haunt, a musician's bar near my brother's house. As I walked in, I saw him bellied up to the bar and thought I'd surprise him by jumping onto his back, piggyback style. Big surprise: It was a total stranger. Not all was lost. In my mortification, he offered me a drink, and we enjoyed the music together for the evening."


16."I was at work and had bought these new protein chips to try. They were supposed to taste like Nacho Cheese Doritos. I ate them and went about my day. I talked to our flower vendor in the office for a bit. An hour later, I discovered in the bathroom that these chips somehow left orange dust streaks down my chin and jaw. I am pale, and it was VERY noticeable. A few days later, I politely confronted the flower vendor. He said he noticed but thought I was doing something new with my makeup."


A pile of triangular tortilla chips, commonly known as nachos, stacked together on a white background
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17."I worked at a car dealership for six years and had a pretty good clientele. I had sold this particular family two vehicles so far. One day during the summer, they came in, and we went for a walk out on the lot. The wife was very attractive, and I didn't want to seem like I was checking her out since she was wearing shorts. I did notice what looked like a white bandage around her knee out of my peripheral vision, so I asked her, 'Did you hurt your leg?' She looked at me and said, 'It's a prosthetic.' I just wanted to get in one of our cars and drive away as fast as possible. I did make the sale, though."


18."During a fairly unproductive brainstorming session between one client and six colleagues, including me, the client was looking at me when he said we needed to set up a pole because we weren't getting anywhere. This took me aback, but considering his tendency to use anything to generate ideas, I asked if a broomstick would do if we couldn't find a pole anywhere in the office building. He stared at me as if I was bonkers. One colleague broke in by telling him, 'We'll contact [market research agency] to set one up.' Oh. The client wanted a poll, not a pole. My entire body, especially my buttocks and toes, clenched in mortification at that realization and stayed clenched for the rest of the session."


Broom with a silver handle and yellow bristles stands upright against a clean, white wall on a wooden floor
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19."After attending my cousin's wedding shower and having ONE double vodka soda, I asked my mom to stop at a 7-Eleven. She pulled into a parking spot right in front of the front doors. I exited the car, walked through one of the doors, and immediately fell face-first on the ground, but not before sending 99-cent DVDs and an entire spinning rack of gift cards flying. I lay there for a second, covered in gift cards, and a seemingly 100-year-old man attempted to help me up. There were half a dozen younger men in there, including the clerk, but this man was the only one who tried to help me up. I nearly brought him down with me. Once I composed myself, I asked the clerk if I could see the security camera footage of me falling, but he refused. He must've thought I wanted to sue, but I really just wanted to laugh while watching myself fall. Despite having a front-row view of this debacle, my mom missed it entirely."


20."My sister and I were different sizes in college. My younger sister wore a large. I wore a small. My mom gave us identical packs of panties for Christmas in our respective sizes. One day, I was walking across my college campus in the cutest sundress. It was in between classes, so the sidewalks were busy. All of a sudden, my panties dropped to the ground. I had evidently, in a rush, grabbed my younger sister's panties. I tried to hop/scoot behind a bush to remove them completely, but they wrapped around my ankles. I stood on the sidewalk untangling them, finally stepped out of them, and walked another way to class for the rest of the semester. Everyone was in stitches!"


A pair of beige underwear with lace trim, displayed flat
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21."When my kids were little, we liked to take car trips to various destinations. My youngest son once had to pee (he was about 5). We were stuck in traffic, and we couldn't move. We dumped the water out of a water bottle, told him to use that, and said we would throw it out later. Crisis averted. Well, we finally got off the freeway and stopped at a restaurant. Once we got inside, my son loudly yelled, 'Dad, we forgot the pee bottle in the car.' To this day, we still say that as a family as we enter a restaurant."


22."I worked in a Mexican restaurant, and our uniform included a colorful embroidered purse we attached to our waists. I walked up to a table, reached into my bag, and pulled out the order form and a Tampax to write with. I told them another waitress would be with them shortly. Went in the bathroom and died."


Purple tampon with an applicator on a patterned background
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23."On the day I had an appointment to pick up my green card (or the Canadian version), I woke up with the mother of all hangovers. I really couldn't afford to miss it, so I headed to the government agency. As I was sitting in the waiting room, which was deadly quiet and tense, I suddenly felt an inevitable urge to hurl. I didn't see any signs directing me to the bathrooms, and I didn't trust my mouth to ask anyone where they were. After a frantic few minutes of trying to hold it all in, I succumbed to the inevitable...and threw up in my purse. When my number came up, I approached the clerk and told her I'd had some bad sushi the night before. At the moment, I didn't care if she believed me, but it will haunt me forever."


24."I was in college and wore a dress to school. I was working in the library during a class and got up for a potty break. Finishing up my work, I gathered my things, put on my backpack, and walked around the building. I stopped at the ATM, grabbed cash to park for my next class, and grabbed a snack on my way out. As I walk past people, I hear whispers and giggles. I made my way near the door, and a female student walking behind me whispered in my ear the problem that was obvious to everyone but me: my dress was tucked under my backpack, and I flashed several students. I literally ran out the door. The next day, I ditched class. I didn't use that backpack for the rest of the semester. I gave new meaning to Victoria's Secret!"


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25.And: "My mother-in-law wants and solicits all the attention from everyone wherever she goes. Unfortunately, she can't drive anymore, so my job was to take her grocery shopping one day. She noticed that her loud talking and negative remarks about this particular store were going unnoticed by other shoppers. I could see her blood boiling as she yelled over to the pharmacist that she needed his help. He gladly accommodated, and even though he was now in front of us, she kept the conversation very loud. She screamed at him that she needed something for her 'VAGINITIS,' clarifying it was 'VAGINAL ITCH!' She kept repeating it louder and louder until everyone in the store had stopped and looked at us, and the poor pharmacist tried to explain what products on the shelf in front of us would help."

"She just stood there complaining loudly, including the words 'VAGINAL ITCH' about a zillion times. Then, she announced to everyone within earshot that she had all these products at home and just walked away, leaving everyone frozen and stunned. Of course, we continued to shop, and I walked shamefully to the checkout. I never went back to that market."


I'm sorry for giggling. Some of these really got me! Do you have an embarrassing story you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments or submit anonymously using this form for a chance to be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.