Paulina Porizkova Shares Health Update With Pre-Surgery Hospital Photos

Paulina Porizkova

Less than a day after posting an introspective look at her Caribbean vacation, Paulina Porizkova is sharing a startling health update with fans.

The 10-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit supermodel posted another snapshot of her soaking up the sun in a little blue string bikini on Thursday, Jan. 25, followed by a selfie taken from her hospital bed, in which she wore a blue hair cap and a pale purple paper gown.

"From bikini to hospital chic…," she joked in the caption, noting that she was "long overdue" for a hip replacement.

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Because she was born with congenital hip dysplasia, a condition in which "the 'ball and socket' joint of the hip does not properly form," according to the National Health Service of England, the cartilage in her hips has worn down so much that at this point, she said there's "none left."

"The three doctors I’ve visited all recoiled when they saw my x rays," she continued, noting that, now, her bone is just rubbing against more bone. Her Caribbean vacation was basically one last hurrah with her old hips, as she's getting them both done at the same time.

"Doing one hip at [a] time is pointless," she wrote, suggesting that "it would actually impede the healing and mobility."

Her boyfriend, Jeff Greenstein, her mother and papa Joe, her sons, and "a slew of friends" are all by her side and ready to drop off some warm soup during her recovery. "...even as I’m anxious about the surgery — in a general 'surgery-is-not-how-I’d-like-to-spend-my-free-time' [way] — I’m so grateful this is a fixable problem!" she continued, expressing gratitude for the care team she's found.

" - like my sis-in-law said- 'take a break from kicking ass and let everyone wait on YOU for a change!'" she concluded. "So, here I go."

We're sending her all the healing vibes for a speedy recovery!

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