Patti Newton slams 'rift' rumours ahead of husband Bert's funeral

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Patti Newton has confirmed son Matthew Newton won't be attending Bert's funeral, also taking the opportunity to call out any reports of a family 'rift'.

The 44-year-old told Daily Mail on Monday that the ongoing pandemic was the reason why Matthew, who is based in the US, wouldn't be able to make it to his father’s funeral.

Patti and Bert Newton
Patti Newton has confirmed son Matthew Newton won't be attending Bert's funeral. Photo: Getty

"It’s just the logistics of it all, and with Covid, and with everything else," she said.

While their relationship in the past might have been strained, Patti stressed that was behind them.

"I’ve had so many conversations with [Matthew]. We had a conversation last night and all the family were here. [The media] want to make it a rift, but there was no rift. There was never a rift with Bert," she added.


"The major dramas were when Matthew was in Sydney and he had his major dramas, but it was really nothing to do with us and as most parents say: ‘You can only be there for your children’. And we’ve always been around.

"And Bert more than me really. He was always saying ‘have we spoken to Matthew, have we done enough and have we said enough’."

Patti added that maybe Matthew "needs to put a statement out to stop everybody thinking that there’s a rift or something".

Patti Newton and Bert Newton
She stressed any past dramas were behind them. Photo: Getty

Sydney's Confidential first reported that Matthew Newton, 44, was 'unlikely' to attend his father's funeral, after Bert passed away at the age of 83 on Saturday at a private clinic.

Bert had been receiving palliative care at the time of his death following a long health battle that led to one of his legs being amputated in May due to a life-threatening infection.

Matthew moved to New York in 2012, when it was believed his relationship with his parents Bert and Patti became strained. He has previously battled with addiction and mental health issues and has a tumultuous past.

Bert had previously spoken of his son's struggles, telling A Current Affair 10 years ago, "A lot of things that have unfolded in recent times, the great majority of those things we’ve learned about them through the media."

Bert Newton's son Matthew Newton
Bert Newton's son Matthew is based in the US. Photo: Getty

"People might have had the impression that whatever happened, and whatever was done, we condoned it, and when a situation like this comes along, you don’t.

"A lot of people don’t have the experience, but when it concerns your child you say ‘well, of course we love him and we support him’.

"I think I made an error in saying that because I do love him and I do support him, but I don’t support or condone any of the things that have happened. We should have seen the signs... but we didn’t."

Speaking to the Herald Sun, Patti said Victorian Premier Dan Andrews called her on Sunday morning to offer a state funeral for Bert.

“I said yes to a state funeral because as I said, a little boy from North Fitzroy and having success in show business and having all these wonderful accolades go his way,’’ Patti said.

“And then a state funeral — Bert would love it. His mum and his sister, they would be so thrilled — and I’m thrilled for him. It’ll be very nice and it’s a wonderful gesture because he’s very Melbourne, Bert. Even though he’s worked in all different states, Melbourne was his state and his love so that was a very nice thing.”

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