Patrick Mahomes Lends Logan Paul Special Weapons for Latest Wrestling Match

Logan Paul and Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes was dead set on helping his buddy Logan Paul win his latest wrestling match—so much so that he lent him some of his most prized possessions to assist him in the ring.

While making an appearance at WWE Monday Night Raw on April 29, the Chiefs quarterback was seen handing over all three of his precious Super Bowl Rings to Paul as the wrestler geared up to fight No. 1 Contender to the Heavyweight Title, Jay Uso.

The match was held at the T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Mo., so it only made sense for Paul, 29, to bring out Mahomes, who is practically KC royalty, for the occasion.

"Kansas City, I got a little something you might like!" Paul can be heard saying in a clip of the legendary moment shared to the WWE Twitter page.

The video then shows the 28-year-old NFL star slipping off each of his rings to lend them to Paul, a bold move that made even the announcers surprised.

"What the hell is he—why are you doing that, Pat?" the announcers could be heard saying, while likening the bling on Paul's hand to fighting with a brass knuckle.

"Now this is a crossover we wanted to see," one fan wrote online after Monday night's show.

"GOAT MAHOMES," another enthusiastic fan chimed in, while someone else called the match a "brilliant segment."

Even though Paul was supposed to fight Uso, he ended up striking JD McDonagh, who took the brunt of all three Super Bowl rings straight to the face.

"RAW is popping off tonight!" another fan exclaimed online, while someone else wrote, "Ngl that was an amazing segment, 10/10."

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